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The Biggest Range of Chairs for Sale Online Hobart

Many of us work from home or work in offices, or behind a desk, which means that if we’re working full time we could be sitting for up to 8 hours a day in our office task chairs. Hobart natives are no different from anywhere else in the developed world; once the working day is done many of us head home and relax in front of the television, which means that on top of our 8 hour day, we spend even more of our time sitting, and that’s not even including time spent commuting, for those who use buses, trains, cars or planes.

Office Furniture & Chairs to support Hobart Staff

As such, at BuyDirectOnline.com.au we recognise the growing need for ergonomic chair solutions that are high quality and yet affordable. Fortunately for you, we are Australian owned and operated, and we like to pass the benefits we have accumulated over the past 25 years in business onto our fellow Aussies.

That means, if you’re looking for a new piece of office furniture at the best wholesale price out there, you’ve hit the jackpot. Not only that, but we like to deliver our goods for free, and we also love slapping warranties of up to 10 years on everything we send out because of our confidence in the quality of the goods that leave our warehouses.

What Type Of Chair Suits Me Best?

It is important that when you decide to buy chairs for your office that you take the time to see if they are indeed what will suit your needs or the needs of your staff. At BuyDirectOnline we appreciate that a chair needs a little extra testing compared to say, a monitor riser.

So, if you’re unsure that what you buy will be suitable, just specify that you are choosing our 30-day risk-free trial in the comments section when ordering and we will get a trial product out to you.

However, there are a few key things to think about when you’re considering buying a new chair for your office or testing one out.

1) Make sure that the backrest can be adjusted and supports the curve in your lower back.

2) Check that the armrests are close to the body thereby allowing your shoulders to relax.

3) It is important that your feet comfortably rest flat on the floor. The vast majority of chairs have the functionality to enable you to adjust this as needs require.

4) Where possible, try to invest in a chair that has a breathable fabric in the seat, such as mesh chair, or one that has a memory foam cushion. Both are better suited to long-term sitting.

Chairs In Both Modern and Traditional Styles

We are all sitting a lot more than we should be. Fact. Our bodies were not built to sit for as long as we sit now. Fact. When we sit for extended periods of time, particularly on unsupportive structures, we place our bodies under strain and stress that can lead to physical and mental complications. Fact.

Hobart residents have available to buy in their locality will meet the demands of some but when you need a comprehensive choice of high-quality furniture that caters to both modern and traditional styles, BuyDirectOnline.com.au has got you covered!

A Wide Range Of Chairs To Choose From

Are you finding it hard to locate chairs that suit your business image or design?  Well, your search has just ended for good because Buy Direct Online is your one-stop office shop.  We sell a huge variety of office furniture products and our office chairs are some of the most beautiful chairs you will ever behold.  Businesses can have their pick at a huge variety of chair designs and types such as the following;
Gaming chairs – Gaming chairs are perfect for serious gamers and for office workers that spend lots of long hours in front of the computer.  You can choose from a wide range of beautiful gaming chairs that are perfect for a futuristic look inside your company.
Massage chairs – With these chairs, you never have to make a massage booking at a salon ever again.  Massage chairs are designed for those that experience muscle tension and for those that frequently struggle with back, shoulder and neck pain.
Ergonomic chairs – You can choose from a wide range of ergonomic chairs in different colours, designs, and styles.  You can even have a look at our mesh back chairs that are perfect for offices in hot climates.
Visitor chairs – Visitor chairs are often chosen for their beauty – and for good reason.  No one likes to have a seat on an ugly and messy chair when they are waiting in line or when you are hard at work trying to solve their problems.  Our range of visitor chairs is available in different colours and designs and are not just pretty, the very comfy to sit on as well.
Stackable chairs – Every business should have stackable chairs.  These chairs can easily be kept in storage and are perfect for keeping everyone happy during events.
Bench seats – Bench style seats are great for waiting areas.  We sell quite a few different types of bench-style chairs or seats that you can buy in different sizes.
Stools – Do you need stools for an office counter or bar? Our stools are made of high-quality materials and look fantastic.
Upholstery chairs – If you want to delight your guests to softer seating when they visit you, then you can certainly consider our padded chair ranges.  We have many to choose from in interesting designs that are bound to create a more comfortable and warm office feel.

Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing Visitor Chairs

Beautiful visitor chairs create a very welcoming feel inside your office.  But there are a few things you may want to keep in mind before you decide on the right chair for your office spaces.
Cleaning – If your office space is particularly busy or if you are constantly welcoming lots of guests on a daily basis, then it might be best to invest in visitor chairs that are easier to clean.  For fewer guests, padded and upholstery chairs will still be suitable.
Comfort – Everyone loves a comfortable chair, especially if you are expected to sit down and wait for a long time.  If your transactions are quick to complete, then there is nothing wrong with hard chairs, but if you expect guests to sit and wait for a long time, then it is always better to go with something more comfortable.
Space – Most businesses are limited to space when it comes to seating.  It is always better to invest in compact seating solutions if you are receiving lots of guests.  Stacking chairs are also a good solution for busy businesses.

Buy Quality Chairs Online

Buy Directly Online is the best company you can trust for all of your seating requirements.  We specialise in office furniture and have a huge variety of task chairs to choose from.  You can buy our chairs online, directly from our website.  We deliver across Australia and can have your chairs delivered to your office in no time at all. 

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Buy Direct Online specialises in all things office furniture. We stock a huge range of office chairs, office desks, workstations, computer desks, office tables, office dividers, office storage, reception furniture and stand up desks. Browse & buy online today!