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Gaming Chairs for Sale In Australia

We know you need to be at your peak to make sure you don’t miss a beat. If you’re uncomfortable or have incorrect posture, your brain doesn’t operate as effectively. The correct gaming chairs increase blood flow, correct bad posture, and give you ultimate comfort to make sure you’re gaming at your optimum level. Looking to take your gaming to the next level or want to swap out your old chair for a comfortable new one? Our ever-growing range of gaming chairs will not disappoint, you’ll be sure to find something here that suits your gaming needs.

Whether you’re a PC or console gamer, we’re sure one of these stylish, ergonomic chairs will match your required needs. Take a look at our comprehensive Gaming Chair Guide if you need some inspiration on what chair to choose.

Choose BuyDirectOnline.com.au – Quality, Stylish with Reasonable Prices

This range of gaming chairs features a number of high-quality, ergonomic capabilities to help you find your most optimal gaming position. Adjustable seat heights, leather seats, mesh backs, and lumbar support are just a few additional extras that can help you find your perfect gaming stance. Available in multiple colors and upholstery options, there are a handful of chairs within this range that can be customised to match your requirements. Make sure you consider whether or not you need a headrest or adjustable armrests which can be vital when playing games using either a keyboard or wireless controller. These chairs are tried and tested by gamers, for gamers. So the question is, are you ready for your next gaming session? Browse our range below and find a chair suitable for you and your gaming needs.

Gaming Chairs at Best Value Prices

There is nothing better than getting home from a day at the office and switching off for an hour or two by engaging the fun side of your brain with some gaming. Those that are a little bit more competitive about their online endeavours may be surprised to learn that there are considerable advantages to be had by investing in the right type of seat. A gaming chair can be anything, but for something that optimises your physical state while you relax, you really need to see what we have in store.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we constantly seek out new ways that the furniture we supply could enhance the lives of Australians. Ergonomic furniture is something that has gripped the imagination and has delivered incredible results for workers all across the land, and so, given that a lot of our time is spent sitting while we relax, benefits are to be had by those that have one of these marvellous chairs underneath them.

How the Right Gaming Chair Can Change Your Gaming Experience

Posture is something that is talked about all the time, and the right computer gaming chair will deliver the kind of support that will protect your lower spine from having to endure heavy loads and pressure that can lead to problems sooner or later.

If your back is compromised, you can expect that problems may also be experienced in your muscles. Tension in the neck is something that is a common complaint of many gamers, which can be attributed to poor seating. Given that you are so highly attuned to the game that you are playing, this tension can lead to migraines and persistent headaches, which will inevitably cut your session short. Cushioned support alleviates the burden on your neck and could make all the difference in terms of your ability to focus.

Looking For Professional Gaming Chairs In Australia?

One of the great things that a high back gaming chair delivers is improved circulation. Once blood is flowing properly through your body, this benefits your cardiovascular function and helps reduce stiffness of the muscles and pain.

Finally, where fabric is prone to staining, particularly in homes where snacks are consumed while gaming, the choices here at Buy Direct Online are much more resilient and easy to clean. This ensures that you don’t have a crummy looking chair after a year, and with the right care, you can experience excellent comfort without sacrificing your habits or style.

Every serious gamer should have a gaming chair. Computer games and console games aren’t typically made with OHS rules in mind. Winning a game takes dedication and focus, not to mention that your battle buddies probably won’t react too kindly to you stopping every 15 minutes for a stretch. Consequently, making sure you have comfortable ergonomic office furniture is even more important for gamers than for office workers, but gamers don’t tend to think about their comfort until that familiar pain in the neck and lower back begins to set in. By then, it’s too late. You’re going to be in for some heavy-duty suffering, and ironically even that pain is not usually enough to make you quit playing. That’s why games always come with printed warnings nobody takes any notice of. The manufacturers are disclaiming responsibility for the negative health impacts they know you’re going to suffer from playing the game.

If you’re serious about gaming, you’ll play no matter what the risk, but why take more chances with your health than you need to? Having a proper gaming chair helps you be more comfortable while playing so fatigue will take longer to set in, and you can at least shorten the duration of the pain you’ll endure. In the best-case scenario, you may even be able to avoid the pain altogether. Here is the overlooked benefit of having a decent computer gaming chair: when you’re not comfortable, it’s a distraction, and distractions can affect your gameplay. Being able to sit in comfort means you’re not distracted, which means you can focus more of your attention on the game. As a result, you’ll probably play better. Playing with more skill means finishing a gaming session faster, which in turn means less risk of injury and pain occur.

The best results are achieved with a high back gaming chair

A high back on your gaming desk chair provides support for your head, neck, and shoulders. That’s really different compared to a standard chair which does not provide the support you need. What it means is that with a standard office chair you’ll be supporting the weight of your head (and whatever accessories you have attached to it) entirely with your own muscles and tendons. Over time, that is going to result in serious neck pain, which will spread down to your shoulders.

Most of the problem starts with the muscles in the lower neck, combined with compression of the intervertebral discs due to holding one position for a long time. From there, a similar problem will begin to set up in the supraspinous tendon and coracoacromial ligament (found near the lower part of the trapezius muscle), usually tending to the left side for right-handed people or the right side for left-handed people. There are 14 nerves that connect between the shoulder and neck, with many of them running directly just under the ligament and tendon just mentioned. Lactic acid build-up from holding a posture for too long creates pain and eventually inflammation. The result is very unpleasant. So, a high back chair is definitely a good idea if you’re going to be spending a lot of time seated at your computer, whether you’re gaming or not.

You can buy your gaming chair online from Buy Direct Online

No need to go out shopping for a gaming chair, you can do it right now from the chair you’re already using. We will ship your product to you as soon as we receive your payment, and most customers receive their shipment within 24 hours of ordering where same or next day shipping is indicated. That’s quick and convenient.

You also don’t need to worry that it will be too expensive because we have plenty of cheap gaming chairs available that are still going to give you good support and acceptable comfort while you’re playing.

If you need to buy a gaming chair in Australia, there is no better way to get one than to purchase it from Buy Direct Online. Questions about our gaming chairs? Sometimes it may seem like you have to visit a store to get the kind of goods you want. However, if you want to buy a gaming chair online, then you’ve come to the right place. Our price beat guarantee ensures that nobody will do a better deal than you will find here at Buy Direct Online.

All of our chairs come Furntech AFRDI, and GECA approved and certified, which ensures that you will have a strong, durable product fit for purpose that was built with sustainability in mind.

So, take a look and marvel at the features of the gaming desk chairs we have on offer today and if there is any way we can assist you with your order we will.

In addition to this, we have a wider range of office chairs that might take your fancy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our furniture experts and we will be sure to help you meet your requirements.