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Keep your belongings safe and locked away from prying eyes with the range of office lockers that come in many different sizes and colours to suit your needs!Ā If you have any questions regarding any of our office filing units orĀ office filing & storageĀ solutions give us a call and one of our experienced sales team will be able to assist you with your order.

Storage Locker Solutions for Australia

No matter what industry you are in, if you have employees on site that bring their personal belongings, or if you regularly host members of the general public, it is important that there are appropriate solutions on your premises that enable them to safely and securely stow away their property. Whatā€™s more, in these days of heightened data protection, it is vital that any company that handles the personal information of clients has a bulletproof system in place to ensure that their details are kept away from prying eyes and only accessible by those with the requisite privileges.

Metal lockers are the tried, tested and trusted choice for thousands of people year after year, simply because they are sturdy, last for years and they offer the kind of peace of mind that allows the user to sleep well at night.

At Buy Direct Online, we receive countless orders every year for these ever-popular items. The good news for those that are planning to invest in them is that no matter what size or dimensions, or storage capacity you hope to find, the likelihood is that we will have an appropriate solution ready to ship once we receive your order.

What Security Lockers Could Do for You

The immediate benefit that you will gain by acquiring a storage locker is security. Whether you need a safe place to keep confidential files and documents, or just somewhere to stow your high-value items and property, rest assured that with a study locker in place, you will be able to lock things up tightly without having to think twice about anybody else gaining access over the course of your day. This is particularly beneficial to those that carry laptops, tablets and phones that cost a pretty penny.

In business, office lockers make for the ideal choice when you need to save space and create a better organisational system. Work efficiencies are improved by the presence of storage lockers, and employees can free up space on their desks, and focus on the tasks at hand much more easily when they donā€™t have a whole lot of clutter to contend with on their desks.

Here at Buy Direct Online, safety and guest wellbeing is something that our customers regularly bring up when they are discussing their orders. A security locker not only helps safeguard property from theft but in classrooms and other areas where there is quite a high volume of foot traffic, they can prove invaluable in terms of keeping passageways clear and therefore reducing the possibility of visitors tripping and potentially being harmed on the premises.

Finally, given the fact that these incredibly versatile products can be customised, this makes them that bit more engaging, particularly for companies and educational facilities that wish to promote their brand or wear their colours with pride at every possible opportunity.

High quality metal lockers available now from Buy Direct Online

If you have a business where staff or customers need to stow their belongings, providing metal lockers is the easiest way to help them feel comfortable.

Nowadays people tend to carry more high value items around with them, and no matter how many waivers or disclaimers you thrust in front of them, there is a possibility that you will be found liable for theft or damage to property if you did not provide adequate security.

That risk increases when there is a greater expectation of privacy and security. For example, if you run a fitness centre, your customers expect a higher level of privacy and security than if you sell photocopiers. The duty of care is greater because the nature of the service you are providing is more personal. This is why the liability insurance premium is usually much higher for a fitness centre than for a photocopier store.

Office lockers of every size and shape

It’s not a huge risk that you run, but it is a completely avoidable one, and the simplest solution is to provide metal lockers of decent quality so that personal belongings can be adequately protected, and so the burden of responsibility is clearly shifted to the individual rather than the corporation.

Buy Direct Online has metal lockers available right now, and they are perfect for the task of securing valuable items. We are talking here about sturdy metal lockers that resist break-in attempts and use secure modern locking mechanisms.Ā  The best part is our office storage lockers don’t come with outrageous price. They’re excellent value and high quality, and you can get them right now by ordering from our website.

Different locations and business types have different needs for their lockers. We have a wide range of choices available. There are small lockers<. suitable for storing money, keys, and phones inside. Large lockers where you could hang up an entire outfit inside. And all manner of shape and size in between.

The advantage of a vertical locker

In most places of business, floor space is limited. Vertical lockers allow you to stack high rather than wide. The design for this type of locker requires that it should not be easy to tip over, so stability is the most important factor to consider. Vertical lockers can fit into difficult spaces easily, and allow efficient use of floor space.

A security locker is the first line of defence against theft

Providing security lockers means people can feel more confident when they stash their personal belongings. This means they’re more likely to remain loyal to you, and not seek to broaden their horizons.

Lockers help to make sure items can’t be accessed by thieves or saboteurs, by creating a strong physical barrier. Attempting to violate that barrier will usually result in attracting attention, thus providing sufficient deterrent for most with dishonest intentions.

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When you buy from us, it’s really easy, and you can save yourself a lot of time and money. We ship orders the same day or next day, and all orders are usually received by customers within 24 hours where same or next day shipping is indicated. There is simply no easier or more convenient way to get the products you want than getting them from Buy Direct Online.

Tailored Locker Solutions to Suit Your Storage Needs

Shopping for office furniture has never been easier, and since the team here at Buy Direct Online arrived on the scene over 25 years ago we have helped 250,000 customers and counting access the best of products and at the lowest prices in Australia ā€“ guaranteed.

So, whether you are looking for vertical lockers or a simple storage locker that will suit the specific needs of your home, business or organisation, rest assured that you can find the best products, prices and solutions in Australia right here at Buy Direct Online.