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Office Footrests Available From BuyDirectOnline.com.au

Do you find yourself struggling to keep your office chair in a comfortable position? Do your feet always seem to be too far below the ground for comfort? Then office footrests are exactly what you need!

Office footrests can make a huge difference in how long you’re able to work without feeling discomfort. There are many different types of office footrests, from basic tilt to height and tilt adjustable options.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Office Footrest At Your Desk?

Office footrests are mostly used in situations such as your chair is too high for your feet to be able to touch the floor so with our assortment of footrests they offer foot support from basic tilt to height and tilt adjustable. A good footrest should be adjustable and should support the entire foot as spending too long with improperly positioned feet can put a strain on your spine.

Increase The Support For Your Back & Upper Body

Footrests have been proven to help keep your feet grounded which helps keep them in a tilted position that encourages support for your shoulders, back and hips.

Similar to how your feet positions influence your posture when standing, the way your feet are positioned when sitting can determine the shape of your body.

Accurately placed, and supported, an office footrest at your desk can help you maintain concentration by staying relaxed, alert and responsive towards anything that comes at you throughout the day.

Better Blood Circulation In Your Legs

If your feet a kept too flat or too steep throughout the working day, it has been proven that swelling around the legs and ankles can occur. This is due to less oxygenated blood being able to easily flow towards the ends of your feet and towards your toes.

Dynamic footrests
not only encourage movement whilst you sit, but can also enhance blood circulation right across your lower body.

The ideal angle for a footrest can vary from person to person. The ability to adjust your footrest angle can therefore have huge benefits when it comes to setting up your workstation to suit your specific needs.

Stretch & Relax With Greater Ease

As humans, we sit a lot. Probably a lot more than what we should do. When you factor in sitting at a desk all day, commuting into work and sitting down in the evenings to watch TV, that’s a lot of time!

Using an adjustable office footrest throughout the day can encourage movement and you to stretch more. Although minimal, this can actually have huge impacts when compared to sitting without one.

Carrying out simple foot exercises can help your stretch muscles you wouldn’t naturally activate when sitting normally at a desk.

Personalise Your Body Position When Working

Our range of footrests come in all sizes and shapes which is perfect for suiting different bodies and workspaces. Footrests are just as easy to customise as many other pieces of ergonomic office furniture. Personalisations include:

Perforated edges to help with foot grip
Soft carpeted tops for impact benefits
Rubber feet to help with grip to the floor
Height adjustable legs to change footrest heightWhy Order An Office

Chair Footrest From BuyDirectOnline.com.au?

Our in-stock range of footrests can be dispatched almost immediately given their size and weight. Once you place your order online with us, we’ll get your footrest out to you as soon as possible and notify you once it’s on its way.

If you’re looking for help with office accessories or other office furniture, give us a call at 1300 313 495 and one of our experienced sales staff will assist you in making the perfect purchase.