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Anti Fatigue Mats at BuyDirectOnline.com.au

Anti-fatigue mats are the hidden key to achieving a fully functioning ergonomic office environment. A lot of companies are looking to transform their office spaces into energetic hubs of activity. Long gone are the standard desk and chair set-ups. More and more organisations are attempting to create unique environments for their employees to work in, breakout spaces, stand-up desks, sleep pods and free food are just a few steps business owners are taking to make their employees happy.

Installing stand-up desks in your office is one thing, but you need to consider the amount of time your employees could be standing up during a standard working day. As many health studies have proven, standing is a lot healthier than sitting, but injuries can occur when workers stand in the same position over a long period of time. Anti-fatigue mats are often used to decrease foot and lower limb disorders for people who stand up all day. Regardless of the quality of footwear or floor, standing itself can cause tiredness and fatigue after a long working day. The softness of an anti-fatigue mat gives the user a softer ground space for their muscles to subtly contract and expand as they adjust to the flexibility of the mat. Anti-fatigue rubber floor mats help increase blood flow and increase the amount of oxygen reaching the heart vs. standing on a standard concrete or carpeted floor space. Rubber anti-fatigue mats have helped a lot of businesses in Australia reduce levels of absenteeism and longer term strains & injuries, whilst improving employee health and job satisfaction. All in all saving them money and improving overall output and productivity. If you have any questions regarding any of our office furniture ranges or want to know more about our anti-fatigue mats, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and one of our experienced sales staff will be able to help you out.

Anti Fatigue Mats for Australia’s Ergonomically Minded

The move toward a healthier and better-supported workforce is rapidly catching fire with more and more companies and employees adopting new technology and practices that benefit both. Those that are seeking out new hires can expect questions regarding company ethics in terms of sustainability and eco-friendliness, but should also anticipate queries about the equipment in place that will safeguard the health of the prospective hire.

At Buy Direct Online, ergonomic office furniture is one of our major growth areas. Anti fatigue mats are just one of the many products we stock that cater to the increasing demand for solutions that will boost workplace productivity and ensure the health and wellbeing of the workforce. Fortunately for those make inroads in this regard, you have found the preeminent manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products that are set to transform your workforce, and for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.

As an Australian-owned and operated organisation, the team here at Buy Direct Online works tirelessly to continually update our stock so that we have the most contemporary offerings, and we keep a tight eye on the marketplace to ensure that our prices are the lowest out there. Such is our commitment to retaining our reputation for exceptional value and service that we have a price beat guarantee ready to deploy should a customer find a product we stock at a lower rate.

How Anti Fatigue Mats Add Value

Like all ergonomic equipment, the benefits associated with the rubber fatigue mat are commendable. Its primary benefit is that it promotes good posture in the workplace. This reduces the pressure that is heaped on muscles and joints when we slouch or adopt standing or sitting positions that are not ideal. Blood flows more freely as a result, which means improved circulation, which of course is a major boost to the overall health of the user.

When people feel good, they can concentrate much better and focus on their work for greater periods of time. The cumulative effect is that there is a notable increase in productivity and overall performance of the company, which makes it more competitive and the kind of place that has little trouble finding or attracting new and talented staff due to the perceived positively associated with working there.

A standing mat can also have a beneficial effect on an employee’s overall health. The tension in the neck and shoulders that stems from improper standing and sitting posture can lead to back, feet and joint issues as well as frequent headaches. Persistent problems where left unaddressed can lead to sick leave and a loss of output, which could affect the company’s figures at the end of the year.

Finally, depending on the kind of floors you have in your workplace, a soft standing mat can help reduce slippages and therefore prevents employees having endured painful injuries that could lead to many more expenses in the future.

Save feet from stress with anti fatigue mats

When you work standing up all day, it can be a real pain. It’s not a problem that should be ignored, because, over time, those aches and pains can continue getting worse. This is a significant and widespread problem, and if you’re managing a business, it is definitely affecting the financial performance of your business.

That’s because workers who are distracted by pain are not going to be at their most productive, and they’ll need to rest more frequently. Fortunately, the solution is simple and inexpensive.

The anti fatigue mat is a soft standing mat that absorbs some of the down force that would otherwise be entirely on the feet. The relief these mats provide can be felt instantly, though it is not a cure. It provides a feeling of relief and helps to lessen the pain of aching feet, as well as helping to delay the onset of aching.

Anti fatigue mats help more than just feet

The most common cause of foot pain resulting from prolonged standing is a condition known as plantar fasciitis – inflammation of fascia tissue around muscles in the sole of the foot – and it’s a fantastic idea to avoid developing this condition.

As said earlier, anti fatigue mats will help. People will continue working regardless of whether they’re in pain or not, but they won’t be able to do their best work. More importantly, however, the health problems they’ll suffer can eventually mean they’re no longer able to remain in the job, and that means expense in recruiting and training a replacement, as well as losing an experienced and valuable employee.

The issue is that plantar fasciitis is just the beginning. As the foot pain gets worse, people will instinctively adjust their posture to try and relieve the feeling. This method will have limited benefit in reducing foot pain, but will lead to postural problems in other areas of the body.
The pain problem spreads. Knees, hips, back, shoulders, and neck can all end up paying the ransom to try and free the feet from some pain, and in the end that foot pain is still going to be there anyway. Anti fatigue mats allow more standing time before pain begins to set in.

A rubber fatigue mat also helps stimulate circulation

As well as the problems caused by stress on muscles, tendons, and fascia tissue, there can also be issues with poor circulation. Standing in one place like that compresses the blood vessels in the feet. The longer you stand in one position, the more compressed they will get.
This causes carbon dioxide rich blood to “pool” and delays the arrival of fresh oxygen rich blood. Left like that, lactic acid will also begin to form, and this will contribute even more pain, and cause further damage. The blood vessels may also lose some of their elasticity.

Using an anti fatigue mat means some of that compression will occur in the rubber under your feet instead of in the blood vessels inside your feet. That’s really good news. Also, because of the bouncy properties of rubber, any movement of the foot while standing on the mat will also help pump out that carbon dioxide rich blood and accumulated lactic acid, so these mat really do work wonderfully well.

Reducing foot pain and improving productivity: as easy as standing on a mat

It really is that simple. Of course, there are other things people can do that will help delay the onset of foot pain and soothe any pain they already are experiencing. The number one thing to do, apart from using an anti fatigue mat, is to be sure to wear sensible shoes. Big heels and pointed toes are not really very practical work footwear. Trying to consciously maintain good posture can also help.

At home, relief from pain can be achieved by soaking the feet in a basin of warm water with Epsom salts, and/or application of foot massage.

For maximum convenience and savings, buy your anti fatigue mats from us

Buy Direct Online is Australia’s number one online office furniture seller, and we have all the best ergonomic chairs and workstations to help you create a healthier workplace environment. We have really low prices and we’ll beat any genuine quote you’re offered by a competitor. Our products are shipped really fast, and customers usually receive their products within 24 hours where same or next day shipping is indicated.

As such, it makes sense to take the plunge now and invest in ergonomic technology. Here at Buy Direct Online, we believe that a happy workforce is a productive workforce and with possibilities to alleviate pain and stress and increase productivity and profits in your hands, why not reach out to our team today and let’s discuss bulk discounts that could make this an investment that costs you very little and brings about a major return?