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Protecting the Environment & Promoting Sustainability

BuyDirectOnline.com.au is dedicated to the use of materials and manufacturing processes that are carefully monitored to ensure the environmental impact is minimised. We are serious about providing high-quality sustainable furniture to businesses and consumers right across Australia.

This includes the use of water-based glues, E0 board, reuse and recycling of raw materials and energy-efficient plant and equipment utilising renewable energy.
Our manufacturing processes and work practices ensure that our raw material usage is optimised so that all off-cuts are either reused or recycled through reputable organisations. We actively recycle wherever the processes are available to do so.

Sustainable Furniture Materials

Our sustainable furniture is made from materials that have certain eco-friendly characteristics. These materials often are recycled or repurposed. At BuyDirectOnline.com.au our range of sustainable furniture is made from materials that are easily renewable. Furthermore, our sustainable furniture commonly avoids the use of hazardous chemicals and instead consists of products that don’t off-gas or emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds), such as nontoxic paints and stains.

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Using sustainable materials is only part of producing sustainable furniture. Responsible manufacturing practices matter just as much and have a great impact on our planet. Here at BuyDirectOnline.com.au, we understand that such manufacturing practices have to be safe for the environment, which means manufacturers must limit carbon emissions and other pollution. We support and regularly practice fair trade and don’t harm communities or environments to gather materials for our products.

AFRDI Green Tick & GECA Certification

BuyDirectOnline are able to supply high-quality items with extended warranty periods to ensure that our products are utilised over many years. We also have a range of products that have AFRDI Green Tick Certification. The AFRDI Green tick confirms to purchasers, specifiers, architects, builders and designers that a piece of furniture meets a robust yet realistic level of sustainability requirements.
We also offer a number of GECA Certification items which means they are classified as eco-friendly. GECA Certified furniture provides an independent tick to highlight products that are better for the environment and reduce their impact on human health.

Reduce Waste & Recycle

It is our intention to continue to reuse and recycle wherever possible and to continue to respectfully and appropriately dispose of the waste material generated via our production processes. BuyDirectOnline.com.au will continue to strive to prevent pollution within our manufacturing processes and the materials used within our product. We believe in a more sustainable future.
We are confident that we can supply office furniture products that suit your sustainable specifications, so please contact us today and find out how we can help.