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The Best Office Furniture in Brisbane

Shopping for yourself is one thing but the process of shopping for a business, be that a major company or work from home set-up requires a lot more thought and planning that adds an element of stress. Not only do you have to figure out exactly what style you want, you also need to make sure you’re getting the best prices and also have the means to transport to and potentially transport the pieces away with you. It’s not exactly simple. Well, actually it is.

Affordable Office Furniture Direct to Brisbane

BuyDirectOnline offer affordable office furniture Brisbane natives and businesses can buy at the best prices in the market from their home, knowing that everything they ordered will be delivered to their door, for free, and directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse!

With over 25 years in the business of manufacture and supply of office furniture, BuyDirectOnline has established itself as the number one choice and best in the business. We are Australian owned and operated and have warehouses across the country, including Brisbane, which means that our fast, express service can have your order delivered to your address within days.

Office Furniture Bulk Orders in Brisbane

Commercial office furniture Brisbane businesses have to choose from includes a wide range of styles and concepts designed with the modern office in mind.

BuyDirectOnline appreciates that it can be expensive to kit-out a number of offices in the same style and so we offer massive savings on bulk orders, to take the sting out of that complete overhaul you’ve been planning, or those brand new offices you’re about to open that need to make the best first impression possible.

All you need to do is let us know the size of your order. Further discounts are available on orders over $5,000 or 5 items.

Shop with confidence on our site and feel free to give us a call if you need more information, or simply chat to one of our friendly online advisors. The BuyDirectOnline service is one of a kind in Australia and is the one place you can find products that are GECA and AFRDI approved with warranties of up to 10 years available.

But we know that in some instances a buyer just can’t be certain that what they see online is going to work in their space, so to alleviate some of the pressure making that purchase might inspire, a 30-day returns policy is also at your disposal. It doesn’t get much fairer, or easier than that.

High Quality Office Furniture in Brisbane at Cheap Prices

BuyDirectOnline stock high quality office furniture Brisbane and all parts of Australia can avail of at the cheapest prices in the market. If you find the same product elsewhere at a better price we guarantee to match it, and in the event that we do not stock that product, we will offer you an upgrade to the next model at no additional cost. That is how confident we are in our ability to give the preeminent service in the business.

So, if you’re in search of home office furniture Brisbane showrooms just don’t stock, or you simply want to buy office furniture that will transform your workspace, you need not look elsewhere. BuyDirectOnline has it all and wants you to have it for the best price possible. – the home of high quality office furniture in Brisbane. We stock an expansive range of office furniture at fantastically low prices. Our excellent customer service and fast delivery rates are just two reasons why our customers value us so much. Here in Brisbane we stock office chairs, office desks, reception counters, workstations and so much more.

Searching for a unique piece of office furniture? Looking for a custom fit-out in your Brisbane office? Look no further! A wide selection of the office furniture we stock here in Brisbane can be customised to match your tastes and requirements. We have custom upholstery options on a number of our office chairs and our desks and tabletops come in many different colours and finishes.

Explore Your Office Furniture Options With a Little Helpful Inspiration in Brisbane

Anyone that decides the time has come to make a change in their office space will inevitably start to think about whose services they should retain in terms of coming up with a new look. However, while interior designers are adept at creating looks that impress, you are still faced with the prospect of sourcing the materials and having your new office built. Those considering an office furniture change in Brisbane or even something a little more adventurous are encouraged to check out the Project Gallery here on our site.
As a design firm and registered building company, here at BuyDirectOnline, we don’t just advertise products we’ve sourced elsewhere for sale. We design, manufacture and then deliver them to our customers. However, something that is often overlooked is the fact that we have extensive experience fitting out offices and creating wonderful new designs for businesses of all sizes.
So, even if you are in the market to buy office furniture in Brisbane but on looking at the examples and ideas in our gallery you think a makeover is worthwhile, then get in touch with our team and ask them to work with you to create something unique for your offices.

How New Office Furniture Can Improve Your Work Life

Office managers and business owners that are determined to spruce up their office space have to plan and determine exactly how much money can be set aside from their annual budget for this endeavour. The truth of the matter is that regardless of whether you are interested in tearing down the old and revamping everything, or if you are planning to secure more affordable new office furniture in Brisbane, this change will result in many positives.
Think about it from the point of view of your employees. They diligently arrive at work and strive to achieve great things for your business every day, regardless of the condition of the desks, chairs and furniture that is at their disposal. However, imagine their surprise to arrive at work to discover that all of their furniture had been upgraded?
The morale boost that this brings is undeniable. Employees get a real sense that their employer has their health and best interests at heart when a seemingly lavish spend has been made on their behalf. It creates a buzz in the office, boosts morale and promotes better ergonomic practices in the workplace.
Now, think about how your customers and business partners will react. Investing in commercial office furniture for your Brisbane premises indicates to them that things are going well and you intend to continue trading. Something this small can make a difference in terms of them choosing to stick with you or seek alternatives elsewhere.

Snap up One of Our Limited Combo Deals

Even those that are looking for great home office furniture deals in Brisbane will find plenty of options here at BuyDirectOnline. What’s more, we have put together a number of different combo deals that enable you to create savings into the hundreds of dollars by choosing to purchase from our range of best sellers all at once.
So, before you assume that the best value deals are in your local furniture store, check out our range, check out our deals and give us a call if you think someone else is cheaper – we guarantee we can beat their prices.

Looking for somewhere to buy in bulk too? Let us know and we’ll make sure you have everything you need when purchasing with us. Give us a call on 1300 313 495 to talk to one of our experienced sales staff and we’ll make sure your order is processed and dispatched as soon as possible.

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Office Chairs Available in Brisbane

Browse our ever growing range of office chairs stocked in Brisbane – Available for immediate dispatch. We have office chairs to suit many different  types of seating arrangements. The range of office chairs we have in stock in Brisbane are available in a selection of different upholstery options, varying tilt and ergonomic levers, differing back sizes and many other options. If you have any questions regarding our selection of office chairs, you can give us a call and we can help out.

Buy Office Desks Online From Brisbane

Different shapes, multiple sizes, a choice of table top option and storage solutions are just some of the ways you can customise your desk here at BuyDirectOnline. If you’re searching for a sit stand or height adjustable desk, you have come to the right place! If you are looking for something a little bit more functional, we stock both corner desks and straight desks with or without hutch. Give us a call if you are looking to purchase in bulk or if you require something a little bit more bespoke.

Office Workstations For Sale in Brisbane

Looking for a new office workstation in Brisbane? Our workstations come in varying shapes, sizes and layouts to match your office design.  An effective workstation layout enables your current space to be utilised to its greatest potential. This will ensure that your staff are both working and communicating efficiently. If you would like to purchase in bulk or you’re looking for a customised workstation, give us a call, let us know your requirements and we can help out.

Office Filing & Storage Units Available in Brisbane

Need additional filing and storage options here in Brisbane? No worries, get in contact with BuyDirectOnline today and we can help you out. Our selection of filing cabinets and office storage solutions will service your needs. If you want to buy in bulk, get in contact with us and we can make sure you find the right office filing and storage furniture today!

Buy Office Tables In Brisbane

Our Brisbane warehouse stocks a huge range of office tables and table top solutions for many different applications. If you are after some new meeting tables, or you are searching for a new reception coffee table that stands out, we have something here in Brisbane that can service your needs! Take a look at our complete range of office tables to find something that matches your decor, if you have any questions give us a call and we can assist you with your purchase.

Office Reception Desks For Sale Brisbane

Revamping your Brisbane office and need a new reception desk to great your clients? We have a range of reception counters to meet your office decor. Our reception desks come in a selection of shapes and sizes which you will find to match your new environment. Can’t find what your looking for then give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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With a population of 2.27 million – Brisbane is well known as Queensland’s capital city. With 283 days of sunshine it is no surprise why it has been named as one of the worlds most liveable cities. With many diverse sectors, Brisbane is a thriving multicultural hub with the largest population growth rate of any capital city in Australia.