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Sneeze Guards Available From

If you are looking for the best way to protect your employees and customers from the threat of COVID-19 via social distancing, a sneeze guard can provide you with the ideal solution. Whatever kind of business you are in, whether it is a healthcare centre, shop, reception area or any other kind, purchasing sneeze guards online can give you the protection you need.

Why Buy a Sneeze Guard from Buy Direct Online?
During these difficult times, it can be unnerving to be in work, especially when you are in a customer-facing position. Taking preventative measures ensures not only safety but peace of mind. When you buy a sneeze guard, your employees and customers will know that you are doing all in your power to protect them from coronavirus and other diseases.
As COVID-19 is mainly spread through respiratory droplets and contact with other humans, our sneeze guards that are made in Australia make the spread of the disease less likely. Respiratory droplets can be released when someone sneezes, coughs or talks. By keeping a 2-metre distance and having a protective barrier, your employees are given the best defence.

Experts believe that coronavirus may have an incubation period and therefore spread before any symptoms are showing. As a result, a sneeze guard can protect your employees even if customers come into your business believing themselves to be well.
Our sneeze guards for sale are made from acrylic, which is durable and easier to keep clean and sterilised compared to glass. Cleaning and sanitising surfaces is also an important preventative measure in the fight against COVID-19, and therefore, we have designed our sneeze guards to make cleaning as easy as possible.
What’s more, the acrylic that we use is commercial-grade and you will find that it is crystal clear, so your business will not have to suffer from poor quality designs.

Protect Your Staff with Sneeze Guards
Guards from Buy Direct Online also have polished edges and rounded corners to give your staff and customers the maximum protection from the disease.
They come in a variety of sizes, and we can also custom-make sizes for your business. If you cannot see the size you need on our website, simply email us at [email protected] or call 1300 313 495 and we will be happy to help you.
Installation of the sneeze guards is simple. They come flat-packed for fast and safe shipping to avoid breakages. Once received, you can secure them to your bench or desktop. For larger screens, we also recommend fixing them with double-sided tape for added stability.

Get the Best Protection Today from Buy Direct Online
With a sneeze guard from Buy Direct Online, you can help to stop the spread of COVID-19 and help to keep your staff and customers safe. We still recommend maintaining good personal hygiene, including thorough washing of hands and cleaning of surface areas.
Even during the coronavirus pandemic, we are still working, and we will endeavour to process and dispatch your order as quickly as possible so that you can benefit sooner.
Order yours today and help in the fight against COVID-19 and other diseases.