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Technology and resources in the healthcare sector are always advancing and so is its furniture. Whether you’re looking to fit out a complete hospital or dental waiting area, or you need a replacement chair for your aged care living room. Our furniture within this range is practical, stylish and fit for purpose. The furniture within this range has undergone extensive and rigorous testing to ensure it is suitable to withstand heavy commercial use.Read More Making sure your patients are comfortable and relaxed should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to fitting out a healthcare unit or replacing your existing furniture. We have a large number of varying styles of seating as well as specific furniture for particular applications. A number of our chairs have a wide array of upholstery options to match your healthcare suites interior. Additionally, if you’re looking to buy in bulk, drop us an email with a list of your requirements and we can provide you with a quote.

Healthcare furnitureIf you are looking for healthcare furniture in Australia, we stock a wide selection of the best furniture in this category. We have been proudly providing patient-care-friendly furniture for a number of decades, to ensure quality and comfort.

Buy Direct Online is an Australian based stockist of an extensive range of high-quality furniture. In the healthcare department, our range of furniture is sourced with the health, safety and comfort of the infirm in mind, including bariatric patients. We have always placed quality at the top of our considerations and have built our reputation across Australia as being dependable, customer friendly and efficient. Covering the Bases You have certainly thought about what you wish to purchase and possibly how much you are willing to spend.

Have you covered all the bases when considering what to look for when purchasing your healthcare and bariatric furniture? A wise choice when sourcing furniture for your health facility is to select products that can be multi-use, transferable, and as uniform as possible, to create an aesthetically pleasing look. Let’s take a brief look at what is important.  Health and Safety Furniture for the healthcare industry has to be very focused on the aspect of health and safety for obvious reasons. Considerations such as infection control are paramount, and any furniture that is designed for this department should be both durable and easy to clean.In this respect, the choice of fabrics also plays an important part, with durability and attractiveness being an important consideration.

Fabrics should not be prone to absorbing spills and should be easy to clean.  Relief and ComfortHealthcare furniture should always be designed to provide relief and comfort and is another key consideration to bear in mind when sourcing your furniture. Factors such as seat depths and height, cushioning, anti-slide and pressure relief, as well as wheels for easier movement, all play a role in ensuring comfort and convenience. Cleaning and DecontaminationIn any environment where there are healthcare patients, hygiene is of utmost importance to prevent or manage infections and goes a long way in aiding in the recovery or well-being of the patient. Furniture that can withstand constant cleaning and can be easily decontaminated is absolutely vital to ensuring the success this objective. Guaranteed Return on InvestmentWe source high quality, well-crafted furniture that is purposely suited to the healthcare industry. Every item that you purchase from us is guaranteed to be a sound investment.Buy Direct Online is among the top healthcare furniture companies in the industry, and we supply Australia-wide.

Our range includes chairs, tables, footstools and motion sensors. We back our sales with warranties and after sales care, to give you peace of mind and assurance of a safe return on your investment. To place your order, make an enquiry or to discuss your next medical fitout, get in touch with us online, or call us on 1300 313 495. Our customer service staff are always happy to offer any help they can. We offer special rates for bulk orders and ship Australia-wide.  Read Less