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Cable Caps Available Now From BuyDirectOnline.com.au

Cable caps are a fantastic way to keep your cable mess in order and tidy. If you have cables coming out of the back of your desk, cable caps will stop them from disappearing down the back and becoming tangled when you unplug something at night.

More importantly, if you use many different cables at work or at home at your desk, cable hole covers can help you find which cable you need quickly. After all, there is nothing worse than trying to untangle a bunch of cables, only to find out the one you unplugged isn’t actually the one you need.

Cable caps
provide a neat solution for cable management that is easy to access with power and telephone cables for any office workstation or bench. Call 1300 313 495 today if you need help with an order or other office accessories!What Are The Benefits Of Using Office Desk Cable Caps?

Office desk cable caps are a great way to make your office desk a lot more tidier. If you have several holes cut out of your desk for cables to come through, having cable caps will help make sure when you unplug your computer or laptop at night you don’t lose the cable down the back of the desk.

A Tidier Solution For A Clean Office

Cable hole covers provide a neat and tidy solution that allows easy access for your power and telephone cables for any worktop or bench. If you have multiple devices such as desktop computers, a printer or multiple monitors on your desk cable management can get quite messy.

Having a dedicated cable management system can help you avoid cable entanglement and create a more efficient desk space. Whilst at the same time cable caps allow you to keep all cable connections within arms reach.

Practical & Stylish Cable Hole Covers

Cable hole covers are practical cable management solutions that keep your desk surface scratch-free and cable connections protected. Our cable cap range includes a wide variety of designs to suit any office décor, including both modern and practical styles in plastic or metal finishes.

Cable caps are available in multi-packs to make sure that your office desk cable management system is optimised to its maximum potential.

Why Order Cable Caps For Your Office From BuyDirectOnline?

Cable caps provide are a neat and tidy solution that allows easy access for your power and telephone cables for any worktop or bench.

Cable hole covers are easy to use and simple to install. If your office desktop already has cable holes pre-drilled, simply insert the correct size cable hole cover into the desired hole. Are you are unsure whether your desk has pre-drilled holes, or are unsure whether cable caps will fit into your desk? Please give one of our furniture experts a call and we can make sure you find the right size for your desk.

If you need help with your order or other office accessories, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and one of our experienced furniture experts can help you make your purchase.