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The Mobile Drawer unit works in every office environment offering flexibility and security. Mobile Drawers come in a number of different colours and drawer options from filing to personal all with a unique gang locking system making all drawers lock at the same time. These small Mobile Pedestals will fit under most standard office desks or workstations. Storage Drawers like these are built with heavy duty full extension ball bearing drawer runners to longevity and ease of use.Ā If you have any questions regarding any of our office filing units orĀ office filing & storageĀ solutions give us a call and one of our experienced sales team will be able to assist you with your order.

Mobile Office Drawers at Prices That Will Not Be Beaten

Offices are constantly being redesigned and tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of the workforce that occupies them. While ergonomics and the move toward more open-plan, yet functional and flexible working modes, continues to dominate, it is essential even in the face of change to have appropriate systems in place for filing, storage and security. A mobile drawer is a great way to achieve all of these things at once and enables the user to adapt their workspace confident in the knowledge that their storage can easily move with the changing times.

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Not only are all of the products in our store certified and approved by both GECA and AFRDI, but such is our confidence in them that we are in the fortunate position to be able to offer up to 10-year warranties on all of them. Thatā€™s the kind of peace of mind that is tough to find elsewhere but when over 250,000 customers have tried, tested and trusted the team here at Buy Direct Online, over the course of the past 25 years, you, too, can feel assured that your order is going to deliver on the promises we make.

The Many Efficiencies of Mobile Drawers

The mobile drawer unit is always a popular item. It is one of those evergreen solutions that immediately occur to those that wish to achieve a lot in a small amount of space at their desk or place of business. In terms of using them and getting the best possible results, there are a few things worth thinking about.

It is always worthwhile to set aside a drawer that will house the largest items you need to store. Many folks will have spare toner cartridges, or printers, as well as binders and folders that eat up a massive amount of space on desks. As such, allowing space for such items in your under desk drawers means that you achieve more with space you have to work with and can easily access them as and when you need to.

The biggie aside, one of the most common pieces of advice regarding the organisation of drawers is to plan in terms of the items you use most to least. Whatever you use the most should be closest to hand and therefore at the top of the pecking order, whereas items less frequently used can be stowed away in the drawers below. Itā€™s a small thing, but it saves you time and makes sure that you know where what you need is when you need it.

Being organised is something that pays off for those in offices that take the time to structure their workstation. As such, having mobile office drawers that also are used for filing purposes allows you to quickly and efficiently store paperwork, and leaves it that bit easier to gather when you need to work elsewhere.

Make your important documents more accessible with a mobile drawer unit Your back is going to thank you if you invest in mobile office drawers instead of choosing a fixed unit style. That’s because you won’t need to bend and stoop in awkward positions when looking for something in particular. You’ll be able to move your mobile file drawers to a position that makes it more easy and comfortable for you to search through them.

What they are and how they work

These look just like any other drawer unit except they have wheels. The wheels allow you to roll the unit from one location to another. Using this type of drawer means you can more easily access the documents you need, and it frees up space in your under desk drawers for other types of items.
Of course for desks that don’t already have drawers under them, these units can be a perfect solution, depending on the height of the drawers and the height of the desk.

The mobile drawer concept adds efficiency

Having your documents stored in a mobile drawer unit means always having those documents near to hand. If you’re temporarily working in another room, you can simply roll your mobile drawer unit from room to room, and roll back when you’re done. This sure beats trudging back and forth to get the documents you need or struggling with an armful of files.

Using mobile drawers also helps keep the office tidy

The fact that mobile drawers are easier to use means you’re more likely to use them for their intended purpose. That, in turn, means there’s less likelihood of files and papers being spread across your desk or piling up on the surrounding furniture.
Cleaners will appreciate the convenience of being able to easily move the drawer unit out of the way so they can clean around and under it, something that is not a normal attribute of most office furnishings.

Lockable drawers provide security

Many mobile drawer units are built with a key system, allowing you to lock away valuable contents so they can be easily accessed by intruders. Hopefully, you already have good enough security in place that a break in attempt would be thwarted, but not all who have malicious intent make it so obvious.
It’s entirely possible that visitors, customers, or even your own staff could have an agenda to take something that does not belong to them. Corporate espionage is a growing problem in Australia and around the world. TheĀ  potential of it to cause harm for your business depends on what kind of business you’re running and the level of secrecy or confidentiality you require.

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The Biggest Range of Mobile Office Drawers in Australia

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