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Commercial Office Furniture to Perth Hassle Free

BuyDirectOnline is the one-stop shop choice for commercial office furniture Perth companies turn to over and over again when they need modern, affordable furniture that does not compromise on quality. For 25 years our Australian owned and operated company has not only supplied but also manufactured all of the pieces we have shipped to some of Australia’s and the world’s biggest companies and brands, including Boeing, Jetstar, Bendigo Bank, 3M, McDonald’s, YMCA and countless other household names.

The reason we are the number one choice for office furniture is simple, we take all the hassle out of the process of purchasing and kitting out an office.

Our prices won’t be beaten, and in the rare instance where a better deal is found, we will match or better it. Not only that, but we offer warranties on all of our stock up to 10 years, and even make it possible for our customers to try out the furniture they purchase for 30 days, risk-free.

What’s more is all of our products are GECA and AFRDI approved, meaning that you can have confidence that your order is entirely fit for purpose and designed for a sustainable future.

BuyDirectOnline is a forward-thinking, customer-focused business and our friendly customer service team are available to take your call or chat online if you need a hand or additional information. You want the best products for your staff and for yourself, and we aim to make that a reality.

Why ‘any old chair’ won’t do

Over the past couple of decades, the conversation about ergonomics in the workplace has taken a front seat. If you are in an office setting for your working day then it is vital that the chair you sit in for anywhere between 4 and 10 hours gives you adequate back support, or the reality is that there is a very strong chance that in time your lower back will experience stress that may lead to other problems.

Technology has transformed the working world but it has also led to us sitting a lot more than before. With the click of a button, we can now accomplish tasks that required physical exertion in the past and so with all of this sitting the danger of developing poor posture habits increases, which can be exacerbated by a bad office chair.

Have you ever experienced pain in your lower back, or down your legs while sitting? Then you know how uncomfortable this can be and how it can distract from your work.

Choosing a chair that offers lumbar back support is very important and will also promote good posture. Similarly, an office chair should have elbow supports to prevent strain on the neck and the seat height should be adjustable so feet can rest comfortably on the floor. The idea is that your body is in a rested, upright position with eyes focused on the screen before you.

Comfortable employees are productive employees

Ergonomics are something that should factor into your decision when choosing office furniture. Perth employees are more likely to focus on their daily work when they don’t have aches and pains troubling them.

But even if you’re self-employed and working alone, take a look at our site and you’ll find the best home office furniture Perth has to offer and at the best prices.

We offer a range of ergonomically sound chairs, desks and accessories that will transform your staff and show them that their employer values their presence in the workplace and health. So, shop at BuyDirectOnline for a comfortable, happy workplace. You and your staff deserve it! is the home of high quality office furniture in Perth. Our office furniture is number one when it comes to pricing. Our excellent customer service and fast delivery services are why our customers value us so much. Our Perth warehouse stocks a huge range of office chairs, desks, tables, reception counters, workstations and lots, lots more.

Whether you have just moved into a new office in Perth or you are looking to revamp the old one – we have the solution for you. With a wide range of furniture designs, from sleek and modern to stylish and contemporary, we have furniture to suit all tastes.

With custom upholstery options on a number of office chairs and desks and tabletops coming in all shapes and sizes, there will definitely be something here for you. If you have any questions or want to speak to a member of our expert sales team then get in contact with us on 1300 313 495.

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Office Chairs For Sale in Perth

View our range of office chairs we have located in Perth – Available for quick dispatch. Our office chairs and seating range will suit may different types of office arrangements. The range of office chairs we have in stock in Perth are available in a selection of different upholstery options, varying tilt and ergonomic levers, differing back sizes and many more options. If you require more information about our selection of office chairs, you can give us a call and we can help you with your order.

Buy Office Desks From Perth

Looking for a new office desk in Perth? Here at we have office desks in different shapes, sizes, a choice of table top option and many different storage solutions. Whether you’re searching for a sit stand or height adjustable desk, or you are looking for something a little bit more functional, we stock both corner desks and straight desks with or without hutch. Get in contact with us today if you are looking to buy in bulk or you are requiring a bespoke solution.

Office Workstations In Stock and Available in Perth

Searching for new office workstations in Perth? The workstations we offer here at come in varying shapes, sizes and layouts to match your workplace.  Workstations enables your current space to be utilised to its greatest potential and ensures that your staff are both working and communicating efficiently. If you would like to buy in bulk or you’re looking for a bespoke workstation, give us a call, let us know your requirements and we can help out.

Office Filing & Storage Units Available in Perth

Do you require additional filing and storage solutions here in Perth? No problem, get in contact with us now and we can assist you. Our wide range of filing cabinets and office storage solutions will match your requirements. If you have a large order or wanting to buy in bulk, get in contact with us and we can make sure you find the right office filing and storage furniture today!

For Sale Office Tables in Perth

In Perth we stock an extensive selection of office tables and table top solutions for many different uses. Whether you need a set of new meeting tables, or you are still looking for a folding table to make the most of your office space, we have something here in Perth that can meet your needs! View our complete range of office tables and find something that matches your tastes. If you have any questions drop us a call and we can help you finalise your purchase.

Office Receptions Available to Purchase in Perth

Redecorating your office based in Perth? We have an array of reception desk to match your new decor. Our reception desks and counters are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes which you can find to match your new office environment. If you need something more bespoke, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.

When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Office Furniture Warranties?

Wear and tear will eventually get the better of the majority of office chairs and computer desks that are subjected to the use they are exposed to in a modern office. At the point of purchase, most buyers will listen to a pitch that usually includes details about the warranty that covers what they are acquiring, but in truth, few of us actually keep tabs on that ticking clock, until something goes wrong, that is.

If you are looking to buy office furniture in Perth, we expect that you will want some sort of protection built into the sale price as well, right? The good news for you is that you’ve come to the right place. At BuyDirectOnline we offer factory warranties of up to 10-years on all of our products. That’s the kind of peace of mind that will comfortably see your new chairs and desks through a significant amount of use.

If on reading this you suddenly realise that your warranties expired some time ago, or if you know that none applied to the now old furniture you picked up when you opened for business, don’t worry, just take heart in the fact that we make exceptional furniture that is affordable and that can be delivered quickly.

Our Office Furniture Ideas Gallery Could Transform Your Office Space

Not every business owner is gifted in every aspect of their world. For some, the idea that started their endeavour is revolutionary and has created an empire, while for others they capably kept many plates spinning until they could afford appropriate backup. Design and décor is something that few owners think about very often, depending on the industry that they are in. As such, recognising change is needed and knowing what to change to are very different things.

Fortunately, here at BuyDirectOnline, we help you determine which commercial office furniture would best suit your Perth premises. Our incredibly useful and diverse project gallery is full of great ideas that will inspire even the most design-challenged of buyers.

What’s more, given that we are a registered building company and a design firm, choosing to engage us when you are considering change is a great move. If you’re thinking about a full kit-out, we are more than capable of achieving this for you, or we can simply help you plan and design your brand new space.

The possibilities are endless with BuyDirectOnline because we can create exactly what you need for your office and we can do it cheaper than most others in the market.

Free Delivery in the Perth Metro Area

For those that are starting out, or whose home incorporates their personal office, our range of home office furniture offers Perth buyers a wealth of choice, colour and style. We even offer bulk order discounts to those that need to acquire five items or more. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll work a super deal.

What’s more, if you live in the Perth metro area, then it’s possible that your order could qualify for free delivery. But, if you would prefer to pick what you’ve bought up in person, our handy click and collect service is the ideal choice that will help you save even more.

More Information About Perth City…

Quite possibly the most isolated city in the world, Perth boasts a whopping 12,500km of coastline. As the capital city of Western Australia it is actually closer to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia then Canberra itself. Perth has the greatest number of restaurants per head of population in the world. Perth’s metro city area is heavily spread out meaning it also has one of the highest ratios of car ownership as well. Perth also has the highest capita of self-made millionaires anywhere in the world!