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Why Buy Office Power & Data Storage Solutions From BuyDirectOnline.com.au?

Our vast assortment of power & data options are here to make your office work space tidier and more efficient. With cabling and power solutions for you office you can get the most out of the area you have to work with. Longer cables, power and data ports, plus more help to create a more efficient space free from the clutter of all your cables. If you need help with your order or otherĀ office accessories, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and one of our experienced sales staff can help you make your purchase.

Powerboard Box Solutions for the Modern Office

The workplace is a scene of constant change. Every year there are new and updated safety regulations that need to be adhered to, and to this end, innovative manufacturers regularly are tasked with finding solutions that enhance the efficiencies of the work environment, while simultaneously negating that former problem that was perceived to pose a threat. Given that we are yet to become a wireless world, cable management remains a persistent safety concern. However, solutions are available that make for a particularly slick and admirable change to desk dƩcor.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we stock the powerboard box, which is a wonderfully elegant solution to those clumsy plugs and wires that ruin the best organisational efforts of your staff. Our dedication is to those that want the highest quality products delivered quickly, no matter where they are in Australia. We have an enviable network of couriers, third-party logistic warehouses and freight operators, which enable us to move our goods through the country at a much faster pace than anyone else.

Reasons for Cable Management

Any office manager will note that cable management is one of those things that regularly receive their attention. While cable ties and colour coded systems are great in terms of identifying which wires belong to which machine, the ideal solution in terms of plug usage and its visibility comes in the form of the recessed power box

This can be fit into any surface and provides a discreet home for up to four plugs and comes with an inbuilt adapter. Protection is achieved in terms of ensuring that the plugs no longer come into contact with anything else on the desk, and with the cables running out through a port at the side, the overall effect is a stylish alternative to the clumsy and unsightly extension cables that are draped on desks everywhere.

Desk cable management is a must for all, regardless of whether you are an office manager or a self-employed person working from home. It prevents you tripping and potentially injuring yourself or another employee, or damaging office furniture and equipment. Time is saved when employees take the time to sort and organise the cables they are responsible for, and, solutions such as a recessed electrical outlet prevent the build-up of dust, which could spark an allergic reaction.

The main benefit of adopting smart solutions that clear up the clutter and enable a better use of space in your company is that your appearance both in terms of how your employees perceive their workspace, and how your customers view your business will be improved.

Master desk cable management with a recessed power box
Whether at home or in the office, computers are great. What’s not so great is the jungle of cables that usually can be found protruding from them like an army of strangling vines sprawling across your desk. Want to put an end to that problem? You can, and the answer is to use a recessed power box.

Why a recessed electrical outlet is the king of office power solutions
Using this kind of device, or even a recessed powerboard, means you can keep those unsightly, but necessary cords and cables tucked away neatly and safely. Actually, it is worth mentioning the safety aspect because it’s a factor that is often overlooked.

Electricity, quite obviously, can be dangerous. But it is easy to become complacent when those cords and cables are snaking everywhere. They become so much a part of your daily view that you can forget they may contain hundreds of volts of lethal power.

If you also happen to have a power board on your office desk, the danger is multiplied. That’s because it’s easy to accidentally spill something, allow metal objects such as paper clips or staples to make contact with the power outlets, or to accidentally sever a live cable. Any of those events can have catastrophic consequences.

Keeping that powerboard tucked away from your actual workspace means you will be much safer from accidentally doing something that endangers you, people around you, or your valuable electronic items. So hiding those cables away in a powerboard box is one of the best things you can do to have a tidier workspace and a safer workspace, too.

Power solutions and data storage solutions from Buy Direct Online
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Data & Power Solutions That Exceed Expectations

At Buy Direct Online, our bases in the major cities ensure that once your order is received, the time between processing and shipping is minimal. And, given that the majority of our products are issued in flat pack form, this makes it that much easier to deliver to more customers at once without compromising on quality, or risking the integrity of the goods shipped.

So, if you are committed to levelling up the organisation levels and aesthetics of your workspace and wish to acquire office power systems that will achieve what you want and deliver on many more levels, look no further than right here at Buy Direct Online.