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Room Dividers Available From BuyDirectOnline.com.au

Room dividers are a great way to divide room spaces without having to invest in expensive office room divider walls. Room dividers offer the same functionality as room separators but can be moved around and used for other purposes as well.

At BuyDirectOnline.com.au, we offer a wide range of room dividers that are perfect for any office or home space. Our room dividers are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last for years.

Not just limited to office spaces, room dividers can be used in educational spaces, retail environments and community venues to name just a few.

What Are The Benefits Of Room Dividers?

Looking to segregate your workforce into hubs of teamwork and activity? Our range of room dividers and partitions can help you do just that! Available in a multitude of styles, heights, widths and colour options, we are certain you will find something to meet your required application.

Open office space can sometimes be noisy, distracting and harmful to your organisation’s productivity. Making sure your space is divided effectively is one job, but having acoustic screens that fit into your existing office environment can be a job in itself.

Room dividers can help to:

– Create separate and defined workspaces for teams or individuals. This can help enhance productivity and engagement within the workplace.

– Control noise levels and improve acoustic privacy. Reducing interruptions and distractions within the office can help with concentration.

– Maximise natural light by dividing large areas into smaller, more manageable segments. Enhancing employees overall morale and installing positivity within the office.

– Add an aesthetic touch to your office space with a variety of stylish designs. Welcome clients, customers and staff into a workplace that is modern, up to date and contemporary.

Types Of Room Dividers Available

Whether you’re looking for a more fixed solution or something that is temporary or flexible, we can help. Our room dividers come in a range of types and styles, so you can find the perfect one for your needs:

  • Demountable Office Partitions, Walls, Screens & Dividers
  • Desk Mounted Partitions
  • Free Standing Office Partitions
  • Mobile Office Screens
  • Office Screen Brackets
  • Partition Walls
  • Room Dividers
  • Studio 50 Screens
  • System 50 Office Partitions

BuyDirectOnline can help you find custom colours, sizes and styles. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us directly and we can help you out right away.

Why Order Room Dividers From BuyDirectOnline?

Having worked in the industry for almost 30 years, we understand that offices and businesses are always evolving and changing. That’s why we stock a range of full-length room dividers that are demountable and transferable if your business expands or changes location over the years.

Our team on hand here at BuyDirectOnline.com.au can help you every step of the way. From planning, delivery and implementation – we have you covered!

If you are looking to order in bulk and want to find out more about our bespoke, bulk order discounts, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and speak to one of our friendly office furniture experts today.

BuyDirectOnline.com.au offers affordable room dividers & office screens that you can use for your business or home office space!