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Take a look at our range of Trestle Tables

When it comes to economising space, nothing does a better job than incorporating a trestle table or two in the break or lunch room. These are simple, lightweight tables that comprise of a longitudinal plank like piece that is supported by two or three trestles. Depending on how it is done, a trestle table can add to the aesthetic value of a room. That coupled with the fact that it is very spatially economical makes the trestle table an item worth looking into when shopping for office furniture. These hard-wearing, heavy duty trestle tables are both portable and lightweight which can means that they can help transform any working office space in a matter of seconds. Need to know more about the weights, sizes and delivery of our office tables? Reach out to us today and we can help you finalise your order.

Trestle Table Offers for All of Australia

In any office, it is necessary to have the appropriate furniture in place so that you can carry out the business of the day and accommodate visitors to your premises if needs be. For centuries people have gathered around tables in order to achieve great things and find common ground. So, for those starting out in business, or those that believe their business could use a revamp that will bring it in line with contemporary styles and trends, trestle table options are available at unbeatable prices here at Buy Direct Online.

With some of Australia’s biggest brands and companies among the 250,000 customers we have served over the past 20 plus years, we are proud to have set ourselves apart from the rest as the ultimate in office furniture retail. One of the cornerstones of our popularity is undoubtedly the 12-month comprehensive warranty that backs up all of our office furniture products, and our customers love that if they find a product elsewhere for a better price than we advertise it, we will beat that price and save them a few more dollars, guaranteed.

Importance of having adaptable furniture

It is, of course, so important that your business premises are kept clean so that when employees arrive and visitors or prospective customers are welcomed they are immediately at ease and comfortable. Better yet, when a little more consideration is given to the furniture chosen for the office space, this can enhance the experience for all of those that pass through its corridors.

Choosing a wooden trestle desk theme for your office immediately lends a sense of tradition and, depending on the style of the product, can suggest a sense of luxury, sturdiness and reliability. While your business and its ability undoubtedly will seal the deal in terms of convincing partners and customers to shake your hand and commence a new relationship, the subconscious impact that having impressive furniture and a comfortable setting cannot be understated.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we are very aware that the traditional workplace is in a state of flux and as such employees have many more expectations of what will await them when they start work for you. A fold up trestle table is just one solution that makes for a much more adaptable office that enables your employees to use the space as they see fit, and engage their creative sides as and when they need to.

Dedicated to Leading the Way for Australian Businesses

The shift toward ergonomic furniture continues year-on-year and with companies identifying the benefits that can be attained from providing a much more adaptable environment, here at Buy Direct Online we continue to update our stock offerings so that regardless of whether you are seeking out a low trestle table or wooden trestle table options to support staff as you expand, you will always find the best of products right here.

We encourage you to browse the site and get in touch with our excellent customer service team if you need further assistance or wish to discuss bulk buying discounts, warranties, free delivery and the possibility of having your furniture assembled on delivery.

Are you searching for the number one trestle table provider in Australia?

If so, then you have come to the right place! Buy Direct Online is the number one provider of office and home furniture, including trestle tables, that are stylish, affordable, and set to be the perfect new addition to your collection. We have been working in the business for over 20 years, and over that time have accrued a wealth of experience that make us the number one provider of high-quality products at prices that every business can afford in Australia.

Whether you are looking for a new wooden trestle desk to provide a stylish and space saving addition to your office furniture or a set of plastic chairs to give you and your guests somewhere to sit in the fresh outdoors on a hot summer’s day, Buy Direct Online has everything that you could ever need, and more.

More than just trestle tables at Buy Direct Online


One of the most important pieces of furniture in an office environment is the office desk. It is a space for your employees to work, to entertain potential customers, and to make their own as they settle into their role in your workplace. Therefore, having a desk that is spacious and durable is essential, as having to replace a set of desks for your office could be costly if it is a regular occurrence.
Our desks, whether you choose to purchase the standard sitting desks that are common in offices across the world or are more interested in joining the flow of the times and adopting a standing desk for your employees, are built to last, using the best materials for the most affordable prices.


Coming hand in hand with the desk is its partner, the office chair. If you choose a standing desk, chairs may not be as essential for you unless you are planning to furnish a waiting room for your potential clients, of which we also have options available. However, if you adopt the common approach and want your employees to be sat at their desks, you will already know that you will need to dedicate great care, time, and attention to picking the perfect chair for your office.
Whether you are looking for ergonomic chairs, chairs designed to improve posture and health, or the standard office chair, we have a variety of options available for every customer, so you are sure to find the perfect product for you on our store.


Are you tired of the build-up of loose papers and documents that are crowding a corner of your office? Or have you already invested in storage ideas and are already in need of more? Whatever the case may be, we have a selection of storage options for both homeowners and business owners, whether you are looking for a stylish storage container for your clothes, or a smart and secure storage container for the important documents of your business that are for your eyes only.

Ordering a trestle table from us is easy

Getting your hands on our affordable and stylish products couldn’t be easier. You can order online, or, if you have any questions or would like to make a bulk purchase, you can contact us directly, and we can walk you through every step of the process to make it as smooth and as simple as possible.

At Buy Direct Online, we are dedicated to the success of our fellow Aussies and promise to continue doing our utmost to lead the field so that you can always acquire high-quality office furniture at the lowest prices possible.