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The Best Office Dividers for Sale Online in Australia

As an Australian owned and operated company that’s been in business for 25 years, BuyDirectOnline.com.au has seen its fair share of office designs and redesigns, and that’s within our own four walls. As such, we appreciate that while an office setup might work for some, it won’t for others and it’s up to each company to find its own best way to maximise the use of the space it has in a way that compliments the nature of the work carried out.

Office partitions have been around for a long time, but they’re going nowhere. At BuyDirectOnline we have sold hundreds and thousands of high quality, affordable solutions to businesses of all types and sizes who wished to transform their workplace.

What we’ve learned is that partitions are a simple, effective way to achieve many things without necessitating major expense that office managers turn to over and over again.

Partitions give offices personality

There are many advantages to using partitions in the workplace. Where you have a defined brand that uses a particular colour then choosing partitions that match can reinforce that visual stamp. If, however, this is not necessarily key to your identity then using an array of colours in your partitions can serve to identify the different teams on the floor at a glance and give the office a dynamic, eye-catching look. This can also lend itself to team building and promote a sense of belonging for new starters.

One of the main reasons partitions are used is to guard against unwanted attention and protect information. Departments that deal with sensitive information, such as accounts, or the payroll department can focus on their work when visitors pass through the office without having to concern themselves with shielding data once their workstations are partitioned off.

In Motion Offices, where a variety of workstations are available for use to groups and individuals at all times, partitions are particularly useful when the time comes for an employee to focus on their work without being distracted by the busy hub around them.

It also enables them to remain within the centre of activity and not feel isolated from decision-making. In a traditional office, employees also like the idea of having their own workspace, which they can personalise to fit their personality. Without restricting interaction with the rest of the peers, they can, to a point, create a personal space, which boosts their morale and sets them apart from others.

Office Partitions Direct from the manufacturer

When you’re investing in something that is going to serve your company for years to come, you want assurances that the money will go a long way. At BuyDirectOnline.com.au we offer warranties of up to 10 years on our products, which ship directly from our warehouses to you.

We handcraft everything, so you can have confidence that the number of miles your items have travelled are as little as possible, and feel assured that what you’ve ordered will arrive intact.

Office partitions are just one solution we provide, so take some time and browse our site, and if you want to know more about anything at all, just use the online chat feature, or give us a call. The best wholesale prices are here for you to take advantage of, and we would be delighted to count you among our list of satisfied clients.

Browse our range of Free Standing Office Partitions

These free standing screens are a more movable mobile office partition solution for your space. Having the ability and the flexibility to move your office partitions around can be a huge bonus, especially if your business is growing. Our free standing office partitions are light enough to move either from office to office or from one room to another. The selection of free standing office screens and partitions we have available come in a variety of different sizes and colours making them fully customisable to match both your offices space and interior design. If you have any questions regarding our free standing office screens and partitions then give us a call and one of our expert team will be able to help you out.

Why Use Office Partitions?

Are you thinking about investing in office partitions but you’re not exactly sure of the benefits? Here is a closer look at why these are an essential for your office.

Every decision that you make should benefit your business’ bottom line. Investing in office partitions is a smart choice, given that it will help you to boost productivity by allowing your employees to focus on their work.
Used properly, office partitions can reduce noise levels and cut out excessive background noise. Studies show that this is critical to productivity. Office partitions also reduce the chance of visual distractions, which is another way that they help your employees to focus. By using office partitions, you’re giving your employees the perfect conditions that they need to succeed.

Office partitions give your employees a sense of privacy. This helps to foster a feeling of ownership over their own space and, by extension, their own work. Psychologically, this is a very important benefit and it also helps your team to feel at home in their workplace.
Studies are beginning to show that open plan offices can often lead to reduced productivity due to a lack of privacy and too many distractions. Use office partitions to keep your team focused on the task at hand.

Control Natural Light with Free Standing Office Partitions

Natural light is very important, and it can help your team to keep their circadian rhythms in check. This makes them more productive and energetic, helping them to feel great. The wide range of office dividers available on the market mean that you can find to cultivate a bright office space that is full of life.

Office partitions mean that you can structure and divide your office space quickly and easily according to your own preferences. You do not have to worry about moving permanent walls or working around the space that you have.

These partitions also make it simpler and cheaper to maintain a comfortable environment in terms of both heating and lighting. Rather than having to pay for AC in individual rooms, you are able to rely upon one unit to cool or heat up a large area.

You can also use office partitions as your team continues to expand. Are you planning for an expansion or a rearrangement of your teams? Simply move around the office partitions according to your own particular needs – you do not have to be limited to a series of set spaces.

The look and feel that you create within your office environment has a big impact on the productivity and health of your team. You want to make sure that your office is bright and beautiful to ensure people love spending time there.

Office partitions come in a wide variety of styles, meaning that you can absolutely find the ones that fit with your particular style. Whether you are looking for glass partitions or coloured fabric, you will find it easy to create the type of environment that you love.

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