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Check out our range of Office Bookcases

From classic wooden bookcases to more contemporary designs and styles, discover our range of bookcases today to suit any office or home furnishing! If you have any questions regarding any of our office filing units or office filing & storage solutions give us a call and one of our experienced sales team will be able to assist you with your order.

Bookcases for Sale at Prices That Can’t Be Beaten

We live in an era of data privacy and heightened awareness regarding all things related to security. Obviously, every company has a certain amount of information that they need to protect and ensure that it is safely stowed away. However, there is invariably information that does not require the same level of lock and key management. The problem is that businesses often get caught up in one way of doing things and as such fail to identify ways they can reduce and improve their organisation by thinking a little differently.

Here at Buy Direct Online, customers regularly buy book shelves with a view to optimising the way their employees work. As an Australian-owned and operated company, we endeavour to make the most useful furniture products and solutions accessible to our client base as and when they need them. Our commitment in this regard is bolstered by a dedication to continuing to do so at the lowest prices in the market.

Advantages of Bookcases & Shelving

The immediate thought most people have when they consider book shelves for sale is that this must be something for a family home. However, in business, they can, in fact, make a huge difference.

At Buy Direct Online, we have seen some wonderful uses of bookshelves. Given that they are open and the contents housed on the selves is visible to all, those that employ a colour-coded system can determine exactly where what they need is kept at a glance. Furthermore, where a pull out drawer is typically only accessible by one user at a time, a shelving unit will allow many pairs of eyes to search at the same time, as well as enabling them to clear the way much faster.

Think about the space that is eaten up on your work floor with lateral and vertical filing cabinets. These are bulky and awkward units that offer great functionality but are very limited in terms of the space afforded, and also in terms of their user-friendliness. What’s more, given that a corner wall bookcase will set you back a fraction of the price and give much more ease of access in less space, there is definitely an argument to make the change.

All of the cost savings for those seeking out bookcases for sale may not be immediately evident; however, when you consider the time lost searching for misplaced files or documents as well as that spent recreating what was lost, there are many inefficiencies a well-organised shelving system can bring. This will also have a positive effect on employee morale and stress levels, seeing as there are fewer instances of this nature to contend with, and staff will feel that they are working in a professional environment.

Buy book shelves from Buy Direct Online and save

If you want to buy inexpensive bookcases in Australia, there is no easier or more convenient way than to purchase from Buy Direct Online. Even though our bookcases come with a low price as standard (and we’ll beat any genuine quote you receive elsewhere), that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or style.

We’re able to offer high quality products with stylish looks at value prices because we are a high volume trader. That means we qualify for generous manufacturer’s discounts with savings we pass on to our customers.

Helping you get more for less, in the most convenient way, that’s what we’re all about. And if you’re buying for business use, the good news just keeps on coming. This year the Federal Government in Australia has approved immediate tax write-off for office furniture up to a value of $30,000 for every registered Australian business with an annual turnover of $50m or less.

That means you can get brand new office furniture for your business right now, and you can claim the whole value back as a tax deduction on your current year’s tax return.  The only thing closer to getting free furniture is actually getting free furniture.

When you buy from us, you save and save and save. We’re not just talking about the low prices either. You’re also saving yourself hassle and time. Plus we deliver our products really fast, often within 24 hours.
All great reasons to buy your bookcases online directly from Buy Direct Online.

A huge range of bookcases for sale

We have bookcases to suit every different need. Whether you are buying for your home or office, you will find plenty of excellent book shelves for sale to choose from. You will find the standard straight book shelf, ladder style, cube style, “floating” bookcase design, and corner wall bookcase  design.

We even have circular bookshelves, which is something you don’t often see. We stock so many different kinds of furniture because people have a great diversity of needs and preferences and we want to be able to provide the best chance they can find what they’re looking for in our product range.

When you buy bookcases from us, you can buy with confidence
Every product sold by Buy Direct Online is covered by our generous returns policy, and we also include genuine manufacturer’s warranties when applicable. That’s already a great deal, but we don’t stop there. Office furniture can also be evaluated risk-free for 30 days, and that should be a load off your mind. Our only caveat is that goods must be returned in “as new” condition. If they’ve been damaged or defaced after you’ve accepted delivery of them, we can’t take them back.

Best deals on wooden bookcases for sale right now

We’re determined to stay the number one online office furniture seller in Australia so you can be sure you are always getting top value when you buy anything from us. If you find a cheaper deal, let us know. We will beat it every time!

Also, you’ll probably find plenty of places with cheap bookcases for sale, but they’re not going to match us for quality, and they’ll almost certainly not be able to get your products to you as quickly as we can.
Buy Direct Online always offers the best deals on Australian office furniture. Order yours today or contact us to find out more. We’ll be happy to have a chat and answer any questions you may have.

Quarter of a Million Strong

When you choose the team here at Buy Direct Online, you follow in the footsteps of over 250,000 Australian customers who trusted us to deliver high-quality goods at a fraction of the cost and faster than anybody else.

Our presence in each of the major cities around the country sets us apart from all others, and given that we operate a price beat guarantee, have a 30-day returns policy and offer warranties of up to 10 years, those that shop with us do so with absolute confidence.

So, when you need to find cheap bookcases for sale, rest assured that the best quality, the lowest prices and the kind of delivery times you’ve always wished for are right here at Buy Direct Online.