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The impact big business and industry has had on the environment over the past century is undeniable. Unfortunately what is talked about are the negatives, of which there are many, many documented examples. But with business a necessary part of life the focus has gradually shifted toward making positive changes that will contribute to a better future. Sustainability is the word of the day and something that we at BuyDirectOnline.com.au take very seriously when handcrafting and delivering our affordable office furniture to customers across Australia.

Top Quality Affordable Office Furniture

We have been doing what we do for 25 years and in that time have made adjustments to our processes and procedures, so much so that all of our products have passed the strict regulations and criteria outlined by both AFRDI and GECA to ensure that we are recognised as a business that is committed to sustainability.

We want our environmentally conscious customers to shop with confidence at our online store and follow in the footsteps of the 250,000 shoppers who we have done business with to date, all of whom received high-quality goods at the best price on the market. 

The sustainability factor in affordable furniture

When it comes to sustainability in business we believe the benefits far outweigh any of the costs or efforts required to make the change. We have a network of over 1,000 trade contractors and fit out specialists across Australia and have developed a unique approach to project management, which was the result of extensive research and development into the environmental impacts of office design.

Sustainability in business means looking at the entire supply chain. This means thinking local when procuring goods to reduce the distance they travel and keeping carbon footprints to a minimum. It also requires whole life costing, which means you look at the whole life of the product rather than just the initial cost.

BuyDirectOnline.com.au excels in supply chain management because we own and operate six warehouses in the capital cities, we make all our own products and we transport them from our hubs direct to the customer. What’s more as part of our service we actively advise clients with regards to environmentally sustainable initiatives. The combined effort ensures that our office fit outs can lead to savings in the thousands of dollars where energy consumption is concerned.

Reducing the bottom line

While offering great products through sustainable means is very rewarding, we get the most satisfaction from passing our savings along to our customers. If you find an item in our store that is on sale anywhere else for less, we will beat their price, and in the unusual event that we have not got that item in stock, we will offer you the next model up in the series at no additional cost.

We also make delivery anywhere in Australia available to all customers so when you’re buying all that new office furniture and are worrying about the cost of shipping, rest assured that BuyDirectOnline have you covered.

Chat with us online, or give us a call, or if you know what you want but are unsure if it’ll work, just let us know that you would like a 30-day risk-free trial. At BuyDirectOnline.com.au we put you first and look forward to your order.

Why Buy Office Furniture from BuyDirectOnline.com.au?

Whether you’re looking for a modern statement piece, a designer reception desk or ergonomic office chairs you will the perfect furniture piece for you and at the right price! We ship Australia Wide so no matter where you’re located, you can get your office furniture hassle free through our network of express couriers. BuyDirectOnline.com.au is the largest online furniture store for in-stock items. When it comes to office furniture we know our stuff and no matter what your requirements are we are here to help. Browse our office furniture categories below and you will be sure to find the furniture you need. We stock office chairs for a variety of different applications, office desks and workstations which are customisable to meet your varying requirements and a whole host of additional furniture products and accessories to make your office environment a truly unique space which is personal to both you and your company. If you need assistance with your purchase or help finding the office furniture you are looking for, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and one of our experienced sales team will be able to assist you.

Buy Affordable Office Furniture At Buy Direct Online
For all your new office furniture there is no place better to shop than Buy Direct Online. As Oz’s largest online furniture store, we are leading the way when it comes to furniture quality, price, choice and excellent delivery. Furthermore, you can purchase at Buy Direct Online with complete peace of mind as we provide a 15 year warranty.
Choosing new office furniture is a big decision and one that can really hit your bank balance hard if you get it wrong. Preparation is key when it comes to buying affordable office furniture and this will ensure that you choose correctly when purchasing from our site. Below, you can read some of our top tips when it comes to choosing the right office furniture.

Guide To Choosing The Right Office Furniture For You
Here is our quick guide on how to choose the right furniture for you. Follow these top tips and you can avoid many costly mistakes that others make.

Supportive Furniture – When you and your employees are going to be spending so much time in an office every day, it is important that everyone is comfortable. Being comfortable will ensure that your employees are happier in the office and this results in increased efficiency and productivity. It also helps to retain staff who feel more valued by their employers. Lastly, ergonomic furniture is designed to combat common work-related health issues such as back pain and this will ensure that your employees are not having to take time off of work for this.
Style – While the comfort of your office furniture is important, so too is the style. One of the most exciting parts about moving into a new office is that you get to style it the way you want and this includes the furniture. The furniture should reflect the style and atmosphere you are trying to create, whether this be more traditional or modern. Choosing the wrong furniture can make it seem out of place and won’t leave you with an office that you are excited to get to.
Functionality – With so many different furniture pieces to choose from, it is all too easy to get carried away and impulse buy furniture ‘just because you like it’ without properly thinking it through. If you are buying seating for the lunch area, this will not be the same type of furniture that you buy for employees sitting at their desk and this has to be taken into account before you start spending.

Get Your Office Furniture Delivered Anywhere In Australia
No matter what area of the country you are in, Buy Direct Online can deliver to you. What’s more, we offer a range of fantastic shipping options, which includes free delivery and next day delivery for certain items. You can find out more about the delivery options that are available to you by heading on over to our shipping page. If you cannot find the answer to the question you have, then do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 313 495.

Contact Australia’s Office Furniture Experts Today!

Buy Direct Online specialises in all things office furniture. We stock a huge range of office chairs, office desks, workstations, computer desks, office tables, office dividers, office storage, reception furniture and stand up desks. Browse & buy online today!

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