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Looking For Quality Bar Stools Australia?

Choose Buy Direct Online – Quality, Stylish but Reasonable Prices

What’s a bar without stools? Here at BuyDirectOnline.com.au, we have one of Australia’s largest collection of bar stools on sale, and ready for dispatch. Browse our range below to find something to suit your existing or new decor. Whether you’re a bar or pub owner looking for some new stools for your bar, or you’ve just moved into a new house and need some kitchen bar stools for your breakfast bar. We have exactly the stool for you! We have industrial bar stools, rustic bar stools, modern and contemporary stools, wooden stools, metal stools and much, much more.

Not only do our counter stools come in a variety of materials and colours, we also have a range of bar stools that come in different height options to match your existing bar or table height. If you are looking to fit out a commercial space and looking to buy some bar stools in bulk, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and we can help you with your order. Alternatively, you can send us an email with your requirements to [email protected] and someone will get back to you with a quote.

Cheap Bar Stools Ready to Ship

What’s traditional anymore? So many things have changed and been adapted over the past couple of decades that even your old-fashioned bar is almost now expected to upgrade its look to attract the hipster crowd. However, while some things are chopped and changed over the decades, high bar chairs will always have a place in any local watering hole. They keep the solo drinkers content and ensure that those that want to chat to the bar staff have a place to perch.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we have a multitude of cheap bar stools that will cater to the décor and aesthetic of any bar. Given that we are the number one e-retailer for all things furniture, you can rely on us to sell our stock at the lowest prices available and, such is our desire to ensure that you get what you want, we include a price beat guarantee.

The Flexibility of Bar Stools

So, the name pretty much points to the kind of business that typically uses these items, however, like we said, things are changing, and so people are looking at alternatives in every facet of their lives. As such, there are many more places to use bar stools, which include the following.

1) Think about all of your mates’ homes, and we bet that you will quickly come up with at least a couple that has what they call breakfast bar chairs. With more and more people opting for breakfast counters or islands in their kitchens that they can gather around to eat, it makes sense that appropriate seating options are there to make them functional.

2) With office spaces changing dramatically in recent years to incorporate a much more fluid and flexible workplace, bar stools are turned to regularly to offer hangout places for those that need to have a quiet chat away from the hubbub. Also, office canteens maximise their space by using tall bar stools and narrower benches.

3) Artists love a high stool. More often than not their work requires that they stay on their feet for hours to complete work that at elevated heights. As such, having a solution like this in place makes for a much more comfortable working day and spares those joints and feet from aching.

4) Similarly, hair and beauty salons often turn toward high perches to ensure that they are comfortably at eye-level while working on a client. What’s more, think about your most recent dental visit. The medical field regularly turns to stools in order to give them the optimal overview of their work.

Free Delivery on All Our Bar Stools

No bar is complete without some high-quality wooden stools. These add a touch of class to any establishment and also serve a pretty clear practical purpose!
If you are looking to buy bar stools but you’re not sure where to get started, you’ll want to shop with Buy Direct Online. It is our pleasure to offer the best tall bar stools in the business! Wondering why you should shop with us? Here’s a closer look at what makes Buy Direct Online stand out from the crowd.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we believe in getting the fundamentals right. This is why we focus intensely on offering only the very best, high-quality products. This has been a part of our focus for the last 25 years, and we really do believe it’s one of the key reasons that we have succeeded and grown!

Our team has worked hard to make sure that whatever we offer – whether that’s tall bar chairs, breakfast bar chairs or anything in-between – is of the absolutely top quality. This means that our customers are happy, and their products last for a long time!
You can rest assured that when you browse through the products on our website, you are seeing a curated list of excellent products. You will never accidentally purchase a poor item from our store, given that we do not stock them!

Competitive Prices on Our Office, Breakfast & Bar Stools

Not only do we offer the very best products, but we also offer them at the best prices. Because of our time within the industry and the strong links that we have with manufacturers, we are able to achieve the best prices possible. We then pass those savings along to you, our customer. This means that you can get amazing products at really reasonable prices.

Our pricing is a big reason that we have grown over the years and that thousands of customers continue to shop with us on a regular basis. If you want to get the supplies that you need without breaking the bank, we are the natural choice for you.

Our business has existed for over 25 years now. In that time, we have seized every opportunity to learn and make new connections. This has been the secret behind our success and by now, we are very proud to offer seamless experiences to our customers and the highest possible level of customer service.

Only the most dedicated and courteous businesses are able to last this long, and we are proud that our longevity is testament to the quality of our business. We can’t wait to continue growing and learning to delight businesses like yours across Australia.

Another fundamental that we focus on is customer service. It is our pleasure to help our customers and answer any questions that they may have for us. Knowledge is free and it’s our pleasure to share it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions at all!

We’re Australia’s Leading Supplier of Bar Stools & Chairs

Here at Buy Direct Online, as an Australian-owned and operated furniture company, we have considerable connections across the country. This means that our network of freight, courier and third-party logistic warehouses enable us to get our goods into your hands faster.

What’s more, with free metro delivery available on a huge selection of our products and cumulative bulk discounts available, those that are seeking out wooden stools or bar stools for sale need not look any further. So, have a browse and if there is anything that we can help you with feel free to get in touch and our friendly customer service team will ensure that you are looked after.