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School Whiteboards Available From

Children are often the most creative people in the school, but they can also be some of the busiest. The school whiteboards available from allow children to draw their ideas and then erase them when they’re finished!

This is a great way for kids to use their creativity without having to worry about leaving permanent marks on school property.

If you want your school’s classrooms to be innovative and beautiful, then you’ll want school whiteboards like these ones!

Types Of School Whiteboards Available To Purchase Online

BuyDirectOnline offers a wide range of school whiteboards for purchase, so you can find the perfect one for your school.

These are the classic school whiteboards that we all remember from our childhood! They’re simple, effective, and perfect for classrooms with a limited budget.

Whiteboard On A Roll

Easy to use and completely customisable, a whiteboard on a roll is perfect for classrooms that are always in flux. The best part? You can choose how big your whiteboard space is.

Made from commercial-grade materials and available in either gloss white or matt white, our school whiteboards are perfect for any school setting.

Interactive & Electronic School Whiteboards

Fairly new to Australian classrooms right up and down the country are interactive whiteboards. These boards can be used to do everything from teaching a class, to playing games with the whole school.

As the name suggests, interactive whiteboards are all about interaction- students and teachers can work together on projects or lessons in real-time, making for a more engaging learning experience.

Electronic whiteboards take things one step further, by adding an LCD screen to the board, allowing students and teachers alike to access school email, videos and other content.

The school boards we stock include both electronic and interactive whiteboards- so you can find exactly what your school needs without breaking the bank!

When it comes time for a new school year or even classroom renovations, why not install a new, state of the art interactive or electronic whiteboard?

Standard Wall Mounted Whiteboards

Wall-mounted whiteboards are the original school whiteboard and are extremely cost-effective. These school boards can be installed with ease and will provide years of service. Available in a range of sizes and styles, school whiteboards are a great option for any education facility.

Mobile Whiteboards For Classrooms

Having mobile whiteboards allow you to move the learning environment to wherever you need it. This is perfect for classrooms with limited space or when a large group needs to gather around the board. With a variety of mounting options, these school whiteboards are easy to use and transport.

School Whiteboard Accessories

When it comes to keeping your whiteboards clean and working well, school whiteboard cleaners and marker boards are a must-have. Made with non-toxic materials to ensure safety, school whiteboard accessories like this can be used safely by students of all ages.

We also stock cleaning sprays, whiteboard markers and other whiteboard accessories. These school supplies are essential to promote the correct use of your school whiteboards, keeping them in perfect working condition for years to come.

Why Order School Whiteboards From BuyDirectOnline?

We have an extensive range of school whiteboards available from our online store at BuyDirectOnline. We offer nationwide shipping and all products can be ordered online 24/7.

Ordering in bulk? You might qualify for our bulk order discounts if you’re ordering 5 or more items. Give one of our school furniture experts a call today on 1300 313 495 and we’d be more than happy to help.