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Exam Furniture, Chairs & Tables From BuyDirectOnline.com.au

With exam season right around the corner, now might be the perfect time to update your exam chairs and tables before it’s too late. Whether your part of a school, college or university, we have styles to match all levels of testing. Concentration can lapse if students aren’t comfortable or are distracted by a wobbly table or broken chair. The furniture within this range has been carefully selected to make sure it is lightweight and durable so that it can be set-up and packed instantly, whilst making sure it lasts year on year, without fail.

We have a large number of stackable chairs and foldable tables in stock and ready for dispatch to your institute. Get the most out of your students today, by giving them the perfect environment to ace their tests and pass everything with flying colours! Need to order in bulk or have any questions regarding this extensive range of exam furniture? Give us a call on 1300 313 495 and one of our furniture experts can help you out with your order.

Exam Furniture with Bulk Discounts

There comes a point where every educational facility either must invest for the first time or must reinvest to upgrade their exam furniture. This is an expense that typically will only be incurred irregularly and only when it becomes apparent that change is needed to either revamp what is in place or bolster it with new products to cater to a larger student body.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we believe that when great products are accessible at the lowest prices available this not only benefits the pockets of those that are acquiring them but in the case of educational facilities, it promotes a better standard that can enhance the learning experience and contribute toward the next generation of budding Australian entrepreneurs, scientists and creatives.

And, for those that are buying a large number of items for their premises, bulk discounts are accessible, so just get in touch with our customer service team, and we will have a quote winging its way to you before long.

All of our products have the approval of both GECI and Furntech AFRDI, which means that they are not only crafted with sustainability in mind, but they are also going to serve the purpose that they were designed for. Furthermore, with 10-year warranties a core part of what we do, you can have absolute confidence in the products you buy from us delivering the results you expect for many years to come.

What You Need To Think About When Acquiring Exam Furniture

Think about your students first and foremost. You want the exam desk that they will use to be comfortable enough for the duration that they will have to sit in it. This is important, regardless of the fact that they will only be in it for an hour or two, because if they are unable to concentrate because they cannot get comfortable, then this will impact on their ability to perform and focus, which could have a detrimental impact on their grades.

At Buy Direct Online, we regularly deal with organisations that need to acquire products that will cater to the different kinds of individuals that they meet with on a daily basis. As such, this should be no different for those in educational facilities. People come in all shapes and sizes, and so you need to make sure that the desks that you choose will be strong enough to support all users. What’s more, you will want to see a return on your investment, and so it makes sense to buy a strong, resilient option that will last you over a number of years.

An exam table can be a somewhat cumbersome item and, sure, they do exactly what you need them to on the day, but once they have served their purpose, then you need to be certain that they offer flexibility in terms of storage possibilities. Fold down desks are a great choice and make for a much more portable solution.

Unlock your full potential with the right exam furniture

Have you ever thought about how much of a difference it can make to your study results when you have quality furniture? This is not an exaggeration – your furniture really can be part of the difference between success and failure.

Also if you’re conducting exams, you have a responsibility to provide the best quality furnishings you can afford, because it’s not fair to expect students to give their best when you are not giving your best.
This is why it matters: if you’re not fully comfortable while studying or during an exam, part of your concentration is going to be distracted by what you’re experiencing physically. You will also find that you’re more likely to become fatigued more quickly, and it just gets harder to think about study and easier to find diversions.

If you’re already inclined toward procrastination, using inadequate furniture will just make the problem much worse. The solution, of course, is to use the best furniture you can afford.

Why there even are such things as an exam desk or exam chair
If you have the budget for them, it’s a far better idea to invest in proper ergonomic office furniture items. High quality office desks (which we also have here at Buy Direct Online) are superior in every way to cheap exam desks, except in terms of price. And that’s the kicker.

The problem is that most students just don’t have the kind of funds required to make that kind of investment in a desk. But we have perfectly decent exam desks that cost less than $100, which means even if you don’t have the budget for great furniture, you still can afford good furniture that will make it easier for you to study properly.
The same goes for chairs. If you can afford the very best office chairs, by all means you should buy them. But if you don’t have the money that it takes, we have quite good exam chairs available that will help you sit comfortably while you’re studying.

That even includes gas lift swivel chairs with casters, such as this one, or the well-known lecture chair design that combines a chair with a table, like this.

Know the great thing about those lecture chairs? They’re able to fit even in the tiniest of apartments, so if you’re renting on a budget, you can have a comfortable chair with a built-in space to rest a note pad or a laptop computer. You don’t have to go out to study or become a yoga master by attempting to find a comfortable position for study on your couch or bed.

There is also a need for exam chairs and exam tables in the lecture hall
When you are hosting an exam or lecture, those lecture chairs can be helpful. There are advantages and disadvantages of lecture chairs compared to providing a typical exam desk and chair setup.
The clear disadvantage is that there’s less space available for the student to write on or place objects upon. The advantages are:

It’s a less expensive option
It’s easier to set up for the exam
You can fit more students in the room
It’s more difficult for students to conceal anything that could be used for cheating

You can place an exam table at the front of the room for collecting and depositing exam papers or other materials, and supply one exam chair per student. This is an economical and practical way to conduct closed book exams with maximum occupancy.

Exam Furniture Committed to Low Prices and Great Shipping Rates

What pleases everyone about Buy Direct Online is the fact that we are committed to low prices, a variety of products and incredible shipping options to make your orders that bit cheaper and, as such, more affordable. We are Australian-owned and operated and as such have negotiated superb shipping rates that make our products not only cheap to acquire but also cheap to deliver.

So, for the best exam furniture at the best prices that will stand the test of time, look no further than here at Buy Direct Online.