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Deciding what your workspace will look like comes with a few key determiners such as cost, space and the nature of your job. Office workstations in Melbourne are changing just as they are across the world. The traditional desk and chair just won’t do anymore and with an emphasis on employee wellbeing and a conscious shift toward fighting the negatives side effects of an increasingly sedentary world, a world of options has opened up.

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At we believe that our clients deserve the widest choice possible because we appreciate that this is no longer a one size fits all kind of world. Having said that there is still a lot to be said for traditional office setups, just tweaked for the modern world.

If you’re in the insurance business you’re not really going to go full Google on it and on the flip side, if you’re a social media company you’re not going to have a room full of cubicles. An office should be a reflection of its industry and give an indication of the individual culture of that specific organisation.

The same does not quite apply to those who work from home, but your office can give a sense of the kind of worker you are and offers an insight into your personality. 

Does your office really say that much about you?

It might not shock you to learn that the corporate world loves minimalism because typically in a room without distractions, you should expect your workers to get more work done. The problem with this kind of an office is that it appears to even the most cynical of folks to have an inhuman, factory-like quality to it. If there is no room for personal belongings, no background music, no news on the TV in the corner, chances are the people who work there don’t exactly leap out of bed to get to work in the morning.

However, that’s being a little too general, isn’t it? Minimalism can also be a sign of style and a statement about the business culture. Perhaps the company has a focus on sustainability and don’t believe in creating unnecessary waste. Or perhaps they work in architecture and their office is a physical showcase of their cutting-edge work.

If you are bringing in prospective new clients or potential new hires, you want your office to give the right message. People like people and an office allows them clues about the kind of people that occupy the space through personal items on their desks, but also in terms of how they treat their employees.

If the chairs are old and worn, and employees strain to reach their computer keyboard with no ergonomic supports in sight, this could be a sign that the company is behind the times and deals with a lot of sick leave, meaning that there may be more productive competitors out there.

Worskations in Melbourne with an Unbeatable price guarantee

Keeping a balance between who you are and what your company represents is important. So when you’re in the market for computer desks, or home office desks in Melbourne don’t just limit yourself to the showrooms. At BuyDirectOnline we have been manufacturing and supplying office furniture for 25 years and constantly revamp our GECA and AFRDI approved products.

What’s more, if you’re stuck for ideas we even have a gallery of designs available for your perusal and our fast, friendly customer support team can help you at any point, ensuring you get what’s right for your office and at the lowest prices in the market, and that’s a guarantee!

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Looking to purchase office workstations in Melbourne? Then Buy Direct Online is the website for you. Our range of office workstations is second to none and you can enjoy next day shipping for those times when you urgently need to buy a new workstation, such as a new member of staff starting.

With many years in selling office furniture under our belts, we know that to get the perfect the office workstations there is some planning that you need to do to ensure you are choosing the right one. Here, you can find out more about the things that you must know before you go out and buy.

What You Must Know Before Buying Office Furniture

As you are probably already aware, buying office furniture is not always easy on your bank balance, but it is all worth it in the end when you get to see the office of your dreams being unveiled. The furniture is a huge part of this process, and you will want to make sure that you get it right first time. Below, you can check out some of our top tips when purchasing office furniture.

The first thing to consider when buying office furniture is getting the most for your money and having items that are multifunctional. Make the most out of your space and buy items that can do more than one thing. This could be as simple as having a glass wall that also acts as a presentation board and partition. Having items that can do different roles will be great for your staff too.

As we mentioned previously, you should also take into consideration the style and aesthetics that you want to create in your office. Although functionality should always be the priority, you will still want your workstation to look great in your office. When clients or potential clients walk in, you want them to be blown away by your office space and this is actually quite easy to do when you choose the right interior design and furniture for your office. Try to go a little bolder on these areas that will be visible to your potential clients and be as creative as you want.

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There is no place better to buy your office workstation in Melbourne than Buy Direct Online. We can deliver your new office furniture to you anywhere in Melbourne and we also deliver throughout the rest of the country. If you have any queries about the office workstations or our range of furniture that we sell and cannot find the answer to your question here on our website, there are two different ways that you can get in touch. The first is to give us a call on 1300 313 495 and you can speak to a member of our team, or you can use the live chat function which can be found on the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

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