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When you work from home it’s important that your work area is separate from where you rest and play. You don’t want reminders of unfinished projects while snuggling up with a loved one to watch your favourite show in the evening because it’s only right that you too can switch off. When you’re setting up a home office, getting the right chair and office work table is vital. This will be your cockpit for the foreseeable future and so the investment must be worth it.

The Biggest Range of Office Work Tables in Australia

Fortunately for you, here at BuyDirectOnline.com.au, we work hard to offer the widest range of modern office furniture to ensure that you need to look no further, and don’t even have to think about traipsing from one showroom to another in search of the best prices. We are Australian owned and operated, have been around for 25 years and counting, and with 250,000 customers to our name to date, we have the ability to pass the economies of scale our success has afforded us onto you, our valued customers.

That’s right, when you shop at BuyDirectOnline you not only get the best wholesale office furniture prices available, but the certainty that what you buy is coming directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse, and with a warranty of up to 10 years available. GECA and AFRDI are happy that our products meet their respective criteria to ensure high-quality products built with sustainability in mind are all that leaves our factory floor.

Hot desk or home desk?

For some entrepreneurs who might be reading this, we know that for the moment while you’re getting on your feet the time just isn’t right to drop some cash on office furniture. For now, you might be content with that hot desk you’re renting, which is within your means, or perhaps you’re enjoying the feeling of working from your local cafes and mixing it up with other coffee lovers, who might, in turn, become customers. That’s all good and if it’s working for you, our hat’s off to you!

But regardless of how convenient some of these solutions might be in the short term, it’s not just convenience that needs to be taken into consideration. Your personal health and wellbeing that will be required to keep your business running are of paramount importance, and so where you sit every day is actually a really important decision.

Long-term strain, particularly to the lower back, can lead to other aches and pains in the neck, legs and even over sustained periods of time contribute toward heart disease. Sitting in a coffee house on those nice soft seats or at a hot desk that is cheap and functional can have this effect. Our advice is to be mindful of the potential a bad seat has to scupper your plan, and to start thinking long-term, for you!

Invest in you, not just your home office table

You love what you do and are in it for the long haul, so it’s important that when you are setting out to buy a home office table or ergonomic chair, you choose the items that will benefit you in the long run. It’s an investment in not only your physical health but also your mental well-being, which can directly be affected by pain.

At BuyDirectOnline.com.au you’ll find a friendly and efficient customer support team ready to assist you any step of the way, and in choosing us, your investment in yourself will go a long way and for a lot less!

Get The Perfect Office Work Table From Buy Direct Online

While you may have thought that finding the perfect office work table would be an easy task, once you have started looking, you will most likely have found that this is not the case. Finding a table which is the right style for your office, the right shape and the right size can be difficult, but we are here to solve this problem at Buy Direct Online! Check out below our varied range of tables and we know that you can find the right one for you here. Many items on our website are also eligible for next day delivery and we provide free delivery too.
Once you have you lovely new table, you will want to take good care of it and keep it neat and tidy in order to be able to focus best on your work. Find out why this is so important below!

The Importance Of A Tidy Home Office Table

If you want you and your employees to be as productive as possible in the office, then having a neat and tidy office table is incredibly important. Here are some of the benefits you will experience from keeping your home office table clutter free.

Increases Productivity – When you are trying to complete a big project but cannot find the right documents that you need, this can be incredibly frustrating and can make processes take longer, meaning you are getting less work done. Having a clutter free office work table and knowing where all documents are located will make everyone in the office far more productive and efficient. We would recommend filing away all documents, but before doing so, scan them so that they are easy to find and access quickly.

First Impressions Matter – Now that you have lots of new office furniture, make sure you are showing it off to potential clients when they come in, rather than piles of paper and clutter. First impressions really do matter when it comes to landing those new clients, so make sure to impress them and show what a neat and organised office you run.
A Healthy Office Environment – As an employer, you will want to make sure that both you and your employees are in good health to increase productivity and reduce sick days. Offices filled with clutter are more likely to be filled with grime and dust, which will eventually lead to an unhealthy working environment.

Where are you going to get as much choice as here at Buy Direct Online? We are the largest online furniture store anywhere in the country. We cater to everyone’s wants and needs for their office space and so no matter what you are looking for, we know that we have what you need. Have a look around our website and if you want to ask a question about a particular home office table that you have spotted, make sure you contact our team who can help.

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