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We have a handful of CPU holders to fit your desk which are ready for dispatch. CPU holders are a great way to store your computer unit without having to have it take up your existing desk space. Not only are CPU units practical, they allow you to have all your cables stored underneath your desk instead of having them take up even more of your desk. Dependent on your CPU size you may need to make sure your computer will fit into one of our holders. Make sure you measure your depth and width before purchasing.

If you have any questions or need more information about our range of CPU holders or other office accessories, get in touch and we can help you with your order.

CPU Holders Online

Space is something that all office managers want to maximise the use of, and it is something that all those that work at desks all day need to try and make the best of so that they can achieve their potential. There are plenty of storage solutions for a variety of things, but one of the bulkier pieces of equipment that so many people depend on each day sits on their desk and eats up a big chunk of space. A CPU holder is a great solution that enables you to not only house your computer safely, but it can also make for a much tidier desk and safer cable management.

At Buy Direct Online, we are Australia’s largest online office furniture retailer, and for over 20 years we have been making the newest, best and most affordable solutions to office workers and those seeking out great products available with the least amount of hassle. Warehouses dotted in major cities across the country ensure that we are able to fulfil orders much faster and deliver with exceptional reliability, no matter where our customers live.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Computer Tower Box

The workplace and workspaces are changing all the time with ergonomic furniture the order of the day. As such, it is important that you are able to access computer tower box solutions that compliment the adjustments you make. At Buy Direct Online, we have a wide variety of options in this regard, so whether you want to access a housing solution that meets your basic needs, or need something a little more adjustable, rest assured you will find an appropriate item online.

Taking the CPU off your desk can change the way you work completely. What’s more, ensuring that your cable management is optimal also safeguards you from inadvertently unplugging wires, or tripping in the office. Nobody needs to see their work disappear in a heartbeat and nobody wants to fall while working, or risk their health and safety in any way, and so a CPU box is a great way to reduce risk and promote a better work environment.

Naturally, you want to make sure that your CPU is protected and safely housed away, but one of the main things that pose a threat to your system is dust. Those that work in environments that are carpeted know just how much dust gathers every day in the office, and so this places your system at risk of fault. One of the often overlooked but extremely useful knock-on effects gained when you buy a CPU holder is that you will protect it from both the floor and any dust that falls throughout the day.

Finally, having your CPU within arms-length at all times is good ergonomic practice and prevents you from having to over-exert or extend your limbs in order to access it.

Get that bulky computer tower box off your desk – buy a CPU holder!

The main advantages of a tower style computer case are:

Provides more room for internal expansion
Typically provides better cooling
Easier to upgrade and service

These advantages are, however, offset by the disadvantages:

Big and bulky, does not allow for economical use of space
Typically heavier and more difficult to move around

Having a PC tower sitting on your office desk is a terrible waste of space, especially if you’re already using monitor arms to get your monitors away from the desk surface. Putting the case on the floor is not a sensible move, either, because it will then be a dust magnet and also an attractive home for insects or even more unpleasant uninvited guests.

The simple solution to the problem is to buy a CPU holder. Yes, we know a computer case is not really the same thing as a CPU, but convention is a funny thing. Somehow, back in the mists of time, these things got to being called “CPU holders“, and the name stuck. So even if we called them something else now, nobody would know what was being described.

How a CPU holder helps

Your CPU holder gets your computer off the desk top and also off the floor. So you’re not wasting valuable desk space, and your computer is safer from invasion by dust and creepy-crawlies. It also allows you more options for keeping all the various cords tidy and looks way more stylish, too.
It’s an easy and inexpensive way to have a more tidy and efficient office. The alternatives are just messy and wasteful.

Types of CPU box holders

The most simple type of CPU holder, and the one people are likely to be most familiar with, is a simple box style holder that matches the shape of the tower case. It has openings at the front and back to allow access to the various connection points and switches on the computer. When buying this style of holder, you need to make sure that the design does not cover any parts of the case that you need access to.
More modern designs use bracket type holders, which allow far greater flexibility in terms of the size of tower that can be accommodated, and also provide much easier access. Some types in this category even include features like swivel mounts and angle adjustment so you can get that tower oriented with perfect precision.

We have the biggest and best range of CPU holders online
Find your CPU holder at Buy Direct Online. You’ll most likely save money, and you’ll certainly save yourself a lot of time and trouble. We make it as easy as possible to buy the exact products you want, and it’s a lot less hassle because orders will normally be delivered within 24 hours where same or next day shipping is indicated.
If you don’t want to wait for delivery, many items can be collected directly from one of our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. If that’s your preference, simply be sure to indicate it when you make your purchase.

You will not find better value or better products, so get your CPU holders from Buy Direct Online, the company that makes it easy to buy direct online.

A Huge Range of CPU Holders for Sale Online

At Buy Direct Online, we are all about doing things right and creating benefits for those that shop with us, and so 10-year warranties are available on our entire GECI, and Furntech AFRDI approved range, a 30-day returns policy applies to all orders, and we even make it possible for those in metro areas to avail of free shipping.

What’s more, those living within a reasonable proximity to our warehouses have the option to use our brand new click and collect feature, so that they can save a little more by not having to rely on our delivery service. So, for CPU holder choices at prices that won’t be beaten – guaranteed – look no further than Buy Direct Online.