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Office furniture to Western Australia minus the hassle

Living in a state that takes up a third of the country and covers over two and a half million square kilometres gives you access to the best of everything all the time, right? Not quite. What if you’re a small business owner living hundreds of miles away from the nearest city and the time has come to buy new office furniture that will modernise your office but all that you have to choose from are outlets that stock refurbished items and locals who specialise in certain styles? Where do you go for your office furniture?

Western Australia is covered because offers a vast range of styles, designs and products, available at the lowest prices in the market and ready to ship immediately, anywhere in the country.

Is now the right time to buy new office furniture?

When business is going well and the bottom line is the most important thing the appearance of your office is the last thing on your mind. That’s not to say you let things fall to rack and ruin, but rather that time can easily slip by and within a couple of years the stylish décor you started out with looks a little dated and makes the wrong impression on prospective new clients when they visit.

What your office says about your identity is just as important in many ways as how your handshake is interpreted or the first impression your business card makes. As such, it is worth considering changing things up when it becomes clear that modern offices offer new, innovative solutions that can not only give your image a boost but improve its overall productivity.

Some of the benefits of investing in your office include:

1) Purchasing furniture that is ergonomic can have a major impact on employee morale and productivity. Employees appreciate that their health and wellbeing is being taken into consideration and that they are valued, this can give the office a positive new vibe and with fewer complaints about back pains and fewer days sick leave required to treat recurring problems associated with unsupportive office furniture, your business will quickly start to reap the rewards of this investment.

2) If you’re a small business the expense incurred making improvements to your office can be written off against tax.

3) Existing clients and potential new customers perceive an overhaul as a commitment to stick around and that your business is on a successful upward trend that affords them the financial leeway to revamp the office for its future.

4) Warranties only last so long. We all know that they are there when we buy but really how many of us track whether our warranties still apply? Are you sure that your current furniture is still covered under warranty if it suddenly falls apart? Do you really want to get caught short, scrambling for replacements and potentially having to hand over more than you would like?

Home owned and operated have been in business for 25 years. Each of our items is handcrafted and come with a 10-year warranty. Australian owned and operated we have been the number one choice for over 250,000 customers to date and with warehouses in seven major cities a fast, friendly and efficient transaction awaits you.

So, come to when you want high-quality office furniture. Western Australia gets it for just as cheap as anywhere else and we’ll beat any competitor’s price to ensure that we can count you among our list of satisfied customers.

Do You Need Some Fresh Office Furniture Ideas?

After a certain number of years, arriving at the workplace is no longer the same as it used to be. Nothing has changed, but maybe that’s the point. What was once fresh and new may have taken on a somewhat worn appearance and in the light of the offices that you visit in your area it can quickly become apparent that your workplace is stuck in the past. However, determining how best to change your spaces may be something that you could use some help with since you’re a busy business person.
At BuyDirectOnline, we don’t just sell office furniture to Western Australia’s business community; we also design, innovate and create at our factories. We continually seek to create value for our customers in as many ways as we can and one way that we achieve this is by enabling those that are time-poor or perhaps simply lacking in a vision for their new workspace the chance to tap into our creative side.
To get a sense of what we might be able to do for you, simply browse the project gallery right here on the site and check out the awesome work that our team has put together for plenty of business-people, just like you, across the country to date. Better yet, why not get in touch with us to talk about your office space and what you have to create within and let’s discuss the possibilities we can create for you, at prices that simply cannot be beaten.

Would a $30k Asset Write-off Make a Difference?

Now, we are fully aware that the majority of businesses plan meticulously for major spending, or even when they need to invest a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars. Choosing new office furniture in Western Australia is one thing, aligning what you want with what your budget will allow is quite something else.
However, a recent change made by the Government has prompted thousands of those that require new office furniture into action. Effective immediately, businesses whose turnover amounts to between ten and fifty million dollars per annum now qualify for an instant asset write-off of $30,000. In an inspired move, this change can be accessed right now and the deduction can be claimed in this tax year.
At BuyDirectOnline, we are already seeing countless businesses securing some of the best deals on our site, given this sudden change and we want you to reap the benefits of the scheme in the same way that they are.
As such, even if tax isn’t your strong suit, you can have a chat with our customer support team that has more than a few ideas about how best this scheme can work for you. We have even included some right here on our site, so take a look and think about the possibilities that are now open to your business.

Our Office Furniture is AFRDI Approved

Naturally, you want your investment to last for many years. Buying with us is a sure-fire way of achieving this, simply because you can get the best prices but also take confidence in the fact that our products are all AFRDI and GECA approved.
So, why wait another month when the chance to revamp the office furniture in your Western Australia based workspaces is yours to avail of right now? We look forward to assisting you with your order in any way that we can.

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