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Are You Looking for Office Furniture in Parramatta?

The working world is increasingly coming under pressure to move away from materials and production methods that have a harmful effect on the environment. The word ‘sustainability’ started out as a buzzword but has quickly grown into an ethos for many companies and businesses around the world that appreciate the sentiments of their customers and want to work with them toward a better future.

Office Furniture to Sustain Parramatta is one of those companies who has learned from our 25 years in the business as manufacturers and suppliers of office furniture. Parramatta companies and self-employed individuals, as well as any and all who want to add a piece of office furniture or are in need of a full kit-out in keeping with their values, need to look no further.

Having serviced over 250,000 customers to date, we understand that meeting their expectations is key to maintaining relevance in a very competitive industry and vital when it comes to complementing their already impressive offerings.

Our website is simple and easy to use and with the best price guarantee in effect, all shoppers can feel confident that they are dealing with a company that values their business and will go out of its way to ensure we retain it. The added bonus of free delivery anywhere in Australia separates this home-grown and operated outfit from any number of office furniture suppliers. 

Why sustainability is so important in business

Here are just a few things going the sustainability route does for your business.

1. Gives you a potential competitive advantage

Consumers increasingly look to a company’s impact on the environment when it comes to making a decision about where they will buy. With this trend set to increase, the decision to become sustainable and make it known will improve your brand image and lead to positive word-of-mouth.

2. Reduced costs and increased productivity

Incorporating sustainable business practices can lead to efficient processes that streamline operations and boost employee productivity.

3. Give an edge in talent wars

With the upcoming generations becoming more and more familiar with environmental issues they are more likely to align themselves with companies who are ethically and morally in line with their own views. This can prove the difference in securing the best graduates and luring an industry leader to your firm.

4. Shareholder Profits

With companies who rate highly in the sustainability and environmentally conscious stakes outperforming the market in the medium to long-term, shareholders can expect profits to rise and their dividends earnings to receive a welcome boost as a direct result.

How you know you’re in good hands.

The office furniture Parramatta retailers offer definitely meet the expectations of most customers, but when you’re looking for that added extra something to convince you to part with your hard earned cash, look no further than BuyDirectOnline, where all of our handcrafted products are certified by both GECA and AFRDI. You get the best deal, free delivery, a 30 day returns policy, up to 10 years on your warranty and above all know that the quality items you bought meet sustainability criteria and are fit for purpose. It doesn’t get much more comprehensive than that.

So, don’t waste your time exploring the market when a supplier is out there ready to ship immediately from our warehouses, a supplier who will beat any price and transport your order to you fast, efficiently and best of all free.

Office Furniture Online or In-store?

Since the Internet became as ubiquitous as it now is physical retailers have pushed back against the wave of customers that have flocked to the online sales by advocating the benefits of the in-store experience. Naturally, what matters the most to customers is a high-value proposition, regardless of where they find it. We all want our money to do as much for us as possible and yet we also are keen to secure items that will deliver results that match the financial cost.
At BuyDirectOnline, we believe that those seeking office furniture in Parramatta can do no better than to choose the online route compared to the in-store experience. Why? Well, for many reasons. First of all, the cost and time requirement needed to travel to each and every physical store in hope of finding what you want and then being able to negotiate a price that fits within your budget is huge compared to doing your research online and engaging with knowledgeable customer service personalities as can be found in our store.

The claim that readymade furniture is better than flat packed is a tired excuse at this point. Here at BuyDirectOnline, we manufacture all of our products and they are backed by the approval of GECA and AFRDI. Furthermore, those that prefer to remove the assembly from the process of acquiring new furniture can do so by retaining our services in this regard.

Time to Write-Off Your Assets

The decision to invest in new office furniture isn’t taken lightly by Parramatta’s business community. It is true that the advances in furniture have made the modern workplace a much more ergonomically friendly place and with new designs continually improving on what came before, the cost of accessing these revolutionary products is always dropping.
That said until the books say that the time is right to splurge on new office furniture, few will take the plunge without good reason. However, there now is the perfect reason to perhaps look into whether you could avail of an asset write-off worth $30,000, which you can claim this very financial year.
Changes came into effect immediately just recently as a result of the Government approving amendments to their scheme, which is now open to all businesses that have an annual turnover of between $10 and $50 million.
There are plenty of ways that you can take action today and make the most of these changes, and to make it that bit easier, so you don’t have to wait around, we have included a few ideas on the site and our staff is at the ready to chat with you about how best to avail of the write-off.

Our Office Furniture Combo Deals Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars
Choosing the online route saves you a lot of time and can save you a lot of money, too. Our price beat guarantee is one thing, but our combo deals are quite something else. While a high-street retailer can only sell to you today for immediate use what they have in-store, you can browse our complete range online and determine whether the combinations of bestseller items that we have created deals for could be the perfect way to save even more. Some customers save up to $999.
Now’s the time to revamp the office furniture at your Parramatta premises and with the help of the team here at BuyDirectOnline, you can do a whole lot more for less and a lot faster, too.

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