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The Best Office Furniture in New South Wales

It is vital that when you are starting out that you spend some time thinking about your office and how it will look. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be working from home, seeing as this is the place where you will spend the majority of your day it speaks volumes about you, but the way your office looks can also have an effect on you personally.

New South Wales Office Furniture Solutions for All is Australia’s home-owned and operated number one manufacturer and supplier of office furniture. New South Wales companies and self-employed individuals as well as students, artists and anyone else who needs furniture to make an office their own need not stress about the expense and undertaking that kitting your space out implies.

BuyDirectOnline offers high quality, affordable items, delivered completely free that cater to all design and space requirements. Our comprehensive range includes the following:

Height adjustable desks



Office tables

Ergohuman mesh chairs


Filing and storage options

A Motion Office range

Replica chairs

A wide range of furniture accessories

Does your NSW Office need Furniture?

No order is too small or too large, and where customers wish to buy in bulk BuyDirectOnline can offer discounted prices. We also cater to those who perhaps need a few items but not an entire range, and have combined some of our best selling products to tempt those looking for the perfect deal at the best price. Savings of up to $999 are to be had by buying a combination compared to buying the items separately.

For those who are unsure what they want for their office, a project and ideas gallery is free to view on our website which showcases a range of our design options to help spark ideas and inspire a vision for your office or workspace. Key to everything is our continued efforts to ensure we have the most contemporary designs and options available to the market. The Motion Office range is just one example of where BuyDirectOnline is meeting the demands of the modern office.

How does a Motion Office work?

A Motion Office essentially empowers your staff to choose their workstations or areas depending on the projects they undertake. Individual stations that provide privacy and focus are combined with open plan team workspaces that might be better suited to training or collaboration.

The idea is to make the office flexible to the needs of the project it undertakes and comfortably enables staff to complete their work in a suitable place without having to consider renting conference rooms or looking beyond the office. The end result is a diverse workplace where any number of tasks can be completed within reach of each other that also gives the overall impression of synergy and a dynamic, modern workforce.

A Fast, friendly and customer-focused Office Furniture Store

Office furniture New South Wales retailers without doubt provide some solutions for the workplace or home office, but when it comes to the final word in meeting all of your needs then there really is only one place to go, and that’s 250,000 customers in 25 years have made us the number one choice when it comes to office furniture and our goal is to keep passing the savings from our increased buying power onto you.

It’s a seamless, efficient and fast way to take care of your office in one fell swoop, so don’t waste your time or money travelling out to those old-fashioned showrooms. Everything you need is online and can be delivered to your door, free and with a 30-Day returns policy to boot!

How GECA and AFRDI Approval Helps You

It’s never enough to claim that you offer the lowest prices and make that your unique selling point. There are plenty of retailers that use the same old tired sales tactics, but what customers have clued into is the fact that quality is not necessarily implied in such low-cost propositions. At BuyDirectOnline, while we work incredibly hard to make the purchase of office furniture in New South Wales affordable, we are committed to the quality of our products.
To this end, while others make claims about products that are not of their own making or design, we manufacture everything that we sell in-house. Our products are made for the modern Australian consumer and as such we take sustainability very seriously because we know that it matters not just to those that buy, but to everyone affected by our choices.
All of our products are GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and AFRDI (Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute) approved. What this means is that they were created using sustainable production and consumption methods and are quality products that are fit for purpose in terms of function, safety and performance. As such, when you buy from us, you not only get the best value proposition, but you are guaranteed a product that is built ethically and will serve the purpose that you need it for.

Shop Around – We’ll Beat Any Price on Office Furniture

So, now that you have a better sense of why over quarter of a million Australians have chosen to buy from us, and why many more come back time and time again, let’s talk about those great prices that we are known for.
At BuyDirectOnline, we take what we do very seriously. We know that there is a better standard that can be achieved and we want as many Australians as possible to reap the benefits of our dedication to craft and commerce. As such, with a view to tempting even more customers our way, our price beat guarantee is something that no other online retailer can match.
Let’s say that you are sourcing new office furniture in New South Wales and find the perfect ergonomic chairs for your employees, but another company offers the lowest price. All you have to do is get in touch with us with the details and if we have the same item in stock, we will beat their price – that’s a guarantee. If, however, we don’t have that model in stock, we will upgrade you to the next best in class at no additional cost to you.
Our mission is to create as much value for our customers as we possibly can. All of our products are backed by factory warranties of up to 10-years and we also have a risk-free returns policy in place.

Access a $30k Asset Write-Off

We expect that few competitors will make their staff available to discuss ideas about how you can tap into the Government’s recent announcement that businesses with an annual turnover of between $10 and $50 million can claim a $30,000 asset write-off in this financial year. That’s right, the scheme was updated and is ready to be used right now for those that want to invest in office furniture for their New South Wales business.
So, with quality and cost and depth of knowledge and expertise at your disposal, there really is no better place to turn for your furniture needs than right here at BuyDirectOnline.

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