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Looking for Office Furniture in Hobart?

The Internet has changed life for the vast majority of us. Things we could once only dream of are now accessible on a daily basis and the world is a much smaller place. However, as good as the Internet is there are certain things that we just can’t avoid. When you want something, something physical, that is located on another land mass, for example, it’s not yet possible to teleport it quickly, conveniently and for free.

Office Furniture Direct to Hobart

Shipping and transportations costs have not gone away but that doesn’t mean you still have to incur them. Office furniture Hobart natives can access online with the possibility of it being delivered free can be found on BuyDirectOnline.com.au, the number one manufacturer and supplier in Australia.

BuyDirectOnline.com.au has 25 years and 250,000 customers under our belt to date. Our handcrafted office furniture is GECA and AFRDI certified and approved, meaning you can have confidence that you are buying goods that are built with a sustainable future in mind. We have warehouses in Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney all packed full of stock that is ready to ship immediately.

Quality Office Furniture is just the tip of the iceberg

However, businesses and home offices are just tips of the iceberg when it comes to those who BuyDirectOnline cater to. We also have a range of products suitable and tailor built for many industries, including:

School and education






Cafés & restaurants


The Benefits of Office Furniture from BuyDirectOnline

While some furniture retailers focus on best sellers only, BuyDirectOnline.com.au provide a wide variety of options that are fit for purpose and ready to meet the modern demands of designs of offices of all descriptions. Among the products available are:


Flip top tables

Reception desks

Motion offices

Anti-fatigue mats

Monitor arms


Corner desks

Ergohuman chairs

Sit/stand desks

Luxury travel luggage

No other retailer stocks and can supply the variety of products on BuyDirectOnline.com.au and also ship them immediately with a 10-year warranty and a 30-day return policy that gives customers peace of mind.

Self-assembly vs. readymade

Millions of people choose readymade seeing only the reduced cost and not giving due consideration to the time and energy required to assemble the furniture. The reality is that in some cases flat pack furniture is of a lower quality than readymade, handcrafted furniture, and so the money saved in the short term will ultimately have to be spent within a couple of years on a similar piece of furniture.

Another reason people choose flat pack over readymade is the cost associated with shipping, however, with delivery often in the hands of subcontracted companies, there’s no real guarantee that your items will arrive in the condition that they left the warehouse.

BuyDirectOnline appreciates that your time is important and in cases where self-assembly units are chosen, we provide the option to have your goods assembled on delivery. It doesn’t get much fairer or convenient than that and takes the sting out of investing in office furniture.

Hobart natives can rely on BuyDirectOnline.com.au for the best prices and a hassle-free service that ensures peace of mind, so when it’s time to spruce up that office, send us your order and we’ll handle the rest.

The Best Office Furniture for Bodies

There is nothing quite like looking forward to going into work every day. It’s great when you’re doing something that you love and wake up energised to advance the possibilities of your business. One of the main reasons that employees value the place that they work is when they feel that they are being looked after and are valued by their employer. Office furniture accessible to Hobart businesses needs to be as dynamic, fit for purpose and comfortable as possible, which is why here at BuyDirectOnline we cater directly to your needs.
Comfort in the workplace is of paramount importance. Uncomfortable workers are unproductive and the time that is lost as they break focus from their tasks to adjust their seating position, stand up or stretch out the aches that old and poorly crafted furniture creates in their bodies is profit out the window for you. As such, it is worth taking a look through the extensive range of ergonomic furniture that we have in store ready to ship to you today.
We manufacture and supply everything from sit-stand desks to flip top tables, anti-fatigue mats, monitor arms, mesh chairs and mobile drawers so that you can afford your employees the kind of environment that promotes productivity and lets them know that you are considerate of their health and wellbeing.

How Your New Look Could Improve Profitability

While creating a comfortable workplace is one thing, the knock-on effects that it can have are undeniable. As discussed, those that are able to sit comfortably, or choose the kind of workstation that allows them to work through their projects in the most efficient manner are more likely to focus on getting the job done. Time lost through absence will reduce due to eliminating the negative effect of poor furniture on posture and physical wellbeing.
However, beyond the physical needs of your employees, the morale boost that comes from investing in great new office furniture means that Hobart business owners can expect a greater degree of loyalty and positive word of mouth to spread beyond the office space.
What’s more, given that you most likely have customers or business partners, or even prospective new hires dropping into the office from time to time, a fresh new look that takes advantage of the best of new furniture is a great way to indicate how your business is running, that you are forward-thinking and planning for the future.
At BuyDirectOnline, our designers and manufacturers regularly work with customers as they are planning to change the look of their office and make the greatest possible use of the space they have. Our ability to create custom fit outs and deliver results that save money sets us apart from all other, and affords you the chance to create a unique office.

Invest in Furniture That’s Backed by Guarantees

All of the furniture that we manufacture here at BuyDirectOnline is built for lifetime use. We don’t see the point in creating poorly crafted goods that will let our customers down, simply because it’s bad for you and bad for our business. As such, we have a 10-year factory warranty that will stand you in good stead for that first decade, but you should take heart in the fact that our commitment to quality backed by our GECA and AFRDI approval makes our products a value proposition unlike any other.
So, access the best of office furniture for your Hobart based business today and leave the rest to us.

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