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Electric Recliner Lift Chairs

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Electric Recliner Chairs for Sale

There are so many more possibilities available to those that face mobility issues today than ever before. Whether you were in an accident that has left you recovering and needing assistance, or if you are someone that cares for an elderly person that struggles to find their feet when they need to stand from a seated position, and electric recliner lift chair is exactly the kind of product that could make a world of difference.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we are an Australian-owned and operated furniture manufacturer and supplier, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our fellow Aussies can get their hands on the kind of products that can immeasurably improve their lives for less.

We appreciate that the cost of recovery from an accident or with regards to aged care can be very high, and maintaining one’s independence is crucial in terms of feeling that sense of freedom we all need to maintain a positive sense of self. As such, our price guarantee allows you to save time searching for the best offers and ensures that you need only look in one place when you want the cheapest solution that offers maximum quality and peace of mind you can count on.

An Electric Lift Chair Could Improve Your Life

An electric lift chair changes everything for those that have trouble getting up from a sitting position, or for those that find it tough to sit as a result of muscle or joint weaknesses. While it looks fantastic and just like an armchair you would find in any home or care centre, the difference is that the user can activate a motor that will adjust the angle of the chair, either forwards or backwards, so that they can comfortably rest, rise or return with minimal physical exertion.

For those that have many patients to attend to and duties to complete over the course of the day, an electric recliner chair could afford you the freedom to go about your day without having to respond and assist each time anybody needs to get up or sit down. This improves efficiencies in the workplace and allows you to deliver a great level of care and attention.

At Buy Direct Online, this item is ready to ship and delivers free of charge to those in the metro areas.

What’s more, for those seeking to acquire many chairs for their facility, bulk discounts are available to lessen the financial cost of your acquisition.

Why You Need an Electric Recliner Chair

When your mobility is not the level it used to be, whether due to injury, illness or simply ageing, an electric recliner lift chair can prove one of the smartest purchases you can make. An electric reclining lift chair looks like your standard recliner chair; however, it actually contains a powerful lifting system. This system enables users to tilt the base and back of the chair forward, easily returning to a standing position, simply by pushing buttons on a remote.

Difficulty getting up and down from any piece of furniture is an obstacle that no person needs. For anyone with mobility issues, purchasing an electric recliner can offer a whole host of great benefits:

Better posture

The ability to adjust to multiple seating positions ensures that users can enjoy better posture, with the design of the chair intended to support correct posture and prevent slouching.

Prevent issues from sitting for long periods

Difficulty with getting up and down from a chair can often result in those suffering from poor mobility sitting for long periods. Recliner chairs negate the need to frequently sit for such long periods, in turn preventing the risk of pressure sores. They can also help to alleviate conditions such as asthma, arthritis, back pain and circulation problems which can be aggravated by long periods of sitting.

Increased wellbeing

The ability to easily arise and sit increases overall wellbeing, granting those with poorer mobility issues much greater independence and leading them to live a more fulfilled life, enjoying greater vitality. It’s amazing how one piece of furniture can go such a long way to helping someone who struggles with mobility to truly live their best life.

Greater comfort

The ergonomically designed electric recliner lift chairs deliver maximum comfort by ensuring less shoulder fatigue than experienced with manual recliners. The leg elevation offered by an electric recliner with footrest further enhances comfort levels by improving fluid reduction. Depending on the model, an electric lift chair may provide features which ensure even greater therapeutic comfort, such as dual motors to enable the footrest and the seat back to move independently and a larger greater range of controls and positions.

Buy Electric Recliners Online with Buy Direct Online

If you’re seeking to add an electric recliner to your home or wish to treat a loved one to an electric lift chair that will “lift” their spirits and comfort levels, you have come to the right place. Here at Buy Direct Online, we offer a great range of electric recliners to meet every budget. Prices start at just $699 for our high quality, top brand lift chairs.
Choose from both leather and fabric chairs with free shipping available across all models to any address in Australia. Whatever feature you are looking for, you can find what you need among our online collection of electric recliner chairs.

We offer models with features like adjustable back and leg rests, heated massage controls, padded armrests, adjustable heights, removable head cushions and much more. At Buy Direct Online, we are the premier supplier of lift chairs online in Australia.

Need help selecting the right model for a loved one or for your own needs? We’re here to help! Please call 1300 313 495 or email [email protected] with your query, and we will happily provide the expert assistance and guidance you need. You can also come down to our showrooms in Sydney and Adelaide to try any of our electric recliners out in person.

Electric Recliner Lift Chairs for Comfort and Style without the Hefty Price Tag

Those that shop with us here at Buy Direct Online can save hundreds of dollars, and where our electric recliner is concerned, a 3-year warranty on the mechanism and a 5-year structural warranty make this an investment that you can depend on for many years to come. What’s more, for those that wish to avail of a little more security, warranties of up to 10 years are available on our entire product range.

So, to access a whole new level of comfort and style without having to pay the excessive tag prices that are seen in traditional retailers, look no further than Buy Direct Online. We look forward to assisting you with your order if we can and hope to count you among our 250,000 and counting customers.