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Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Available at BuyDirectOnline.com.au

The events of 2020 have highlighted to the general public a greater need for hygiene and hygiene awareness. Early on, this meant there was a huge shortfall in hygiene and social distancing products as people went to stores and bought in bulk. One of the things that had suffered from bulk buying was hand sanitizer.Read More

Need Hand Sanitizer Dispensers for Your Workplace?

Buy Direct Online is pleased to offer hand sanitizer dispensers as part of our social distancing range. As the largest online supply store in Australia, we’ve been busy replenishing our stocks in all of our nationwide warehouses. For 20 years we’ve been supplying offices, workplaces and public spaces with high-quality equipment, and we’re pleased to roll out products to help all industries get back on their feet.

The Benefits of a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

As opposed to hand gel bottles or supermarket grade hand sanitizer dispensers, a proper hand sanitizer dispenser is designed to ensure the right amount is dispensed each time so that nothing is wasted. They can be mounted or installed at strategic points, in contrast with individual bottles which can be moved about or lost. It is of the utmost importance that all public or communal space are fitted with sanitising stations, with clear and effective signage.

It’s important to think carefully about how many and where you want your hand sanitizer dispensers. Make a study of how often hand sanitizer will be needed, how many employees or members of the public will have access to your space and where it will be needed most. Once you’ve worked this out, you can start making an informed decision of what type you might require for your needs.

Our Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Range

We have got a wide range of different dispensers, perfectly suited to both small and large budgets. All are thoughtfully designed and crafted to be durable, usable and, most importantly, hygienic. The various hand sanitizer dispensers provided by us have many other benefits, including:

Contactless use

Automatic sensors

Drip trays

Sturdy materials

Guidance displays and signage

Easy to assemble

Buy Your Hand Sanitizer Dispensers From BuyDirectOnline!

In addition to fantastic products, Buy Direct Online also boasts fantastic customer service. We’re always ready to answer questions about our product and how you can get the best out of them.
We can also boast a great delivery service. With warehouses all across the nation, you’ll find our shipping costs and times extremely competitive. Depending on your order, you’ll find a few different options for delivery.
Delivery services include:

Contactless delivery

Next day if ordered before 3 pm on the business day prior

Express delivery

Curbside delivery

Click and Collect

There are also options for bulk discounts and combined shipping for orders above 10 items. We are happy to discuss delivery options or requirements, so please do get in touch whatever your query.

Questions About Our Hand Sanitizer Dispensers? Get in Touch Today!

We’re always pleased to meet new clients. Over the last two decades, we’ve acquired a fantastic community of customers, and we’re very thankful that they’ve given some great feedback. If you’re thinking of making an order, we’d love you to take a look at our Facebook, Google or eBay reviews and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with what you find!
Whatever your needs or ideas for how you will adjust your business for social distancing, we’re waiting for your contact. Give us a call or message now and we’ll get whatever you need right out to you.