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Plastic Outdoor Arm Chairs Ready To Ship for Less

When the sun is shining, and everyone is keen to soak up that wonderful warmth, have you got the kind of furniture that will enable you to set up a dining area outdoors to comfortably seat everyone? If you are the house of choice when it comes to parties, lunches, dinners or evening entertainment, or if you are a café, restaurant or bistro that wants to set itself apart from the crowd, then plastic outdoor arm chairs just might be what you are looking for.

The Biggest Range of Outdoor Plastic Arm Chairs Online

The good news for all of you is that here at Buy Direct Online, Australia’s largest furniture store and the number one choice for those that want the best deals in the country, is that we have a wide range of choice ready for you to browse and smile about when you see just how affordable we make it. The quality of our goods is irrefutable with our entire product offering coming with GECI and ARFDI approval and certification. What’s more, such is our confidence in the goods we supply; we offer warranties of up to 10 years on everything.
Those seeking out bespoke furniture options that will truly deliver a unique look on their premises are encouraged to get in touch with our fantastic customer support team. Replica and customised furniture are also available and in stock, ready to suit the needs of all. 

Why Use Propropylene for Your Outdoor Chairs?

As the world becomes more and more eco-aware the shift away from plastic gradually becomes larger and larger. However, here at Buy Direct Online, just like countless other suppliers, we are just as committed to sustainable methods that reduce the carbon footprint our efforts have on the environment.

Our plastic café arm chairs are made using recycled polypropylene, which has the lowest density of any polymer and is 100% recyclable. This light-weight material ensures that the chairs we supply offer a stronger and thinner solution that proves incredibly resistant and durable in the face of our often extreme Australian climate.

On that note, polypropylene is an excellent choice for the outdoors. It can endure high heat, and our chairs come with a 2 year UV resistance guarantee. As such, you benefit from a product that will deliver the kind of results that you expect, wear well over time, is easy to clean and store, and it will please customers that are considerate of their choices in terms of supporting businesses that make ethical choices for the environment.

The added benefit is that when you are looking for outdoor dining armchairs that fit with your design and branding, it is much easier to find a variety of colours that allows you to mix and match and customise the look you want to achieve with greater ease compared to wood.

Buy Direct Online for Plastic Arm Chairs

Buy Direct Online is Australia’s largest online furniture store. We offer a massive range of office desks, office chairs, and other furniture for indoor and outdoor use – and you can bet we offer the best prices, too! As a trusted Aussie supplier, you can count on us for a smooth online shopping experience, honest and competitive prices, and unbeatable customer service. We’re here to get you the best deal possible on plastic café arm chairs or any of our outdoor dining armchairs – and our team is always more than happy to discuss your options with you!

Our Maintenance-Free Plastic Chairs

Scroll through this category page, and you’ll see a wide variety of plastic chairs with arms. We have everything from the simplest of armchairs that are ideal for use in small gardens for family get-togethers and parties, to higher quality chairs that are ideal for cafes and restaurants. These plastic chairs are designed to look good and be long-lasting.

With no metal parts, you know the chairs won’t rust – and no matter how much rain the elements can throw at them, they won’t rot. No maintenance requires, just wipe them clean and they’re good to go. Buy plastic arm chairs from Buy Direct Online, and you’re getting an easy outdoor furnishing option for residential and commercial purposes.

Why Choose Us for Outdoor Plastic Chairs?

If our huge range of chairs isn’t a compelling enough reason to shop at Buy Direct Online, consider the fact that we’re Australia’s largest online furniture store with competitive prices and even next day shipping. We even offer free delivery for all products when you order $500 or more. Select products offer free delivery across Australia with no minimum spend requires, and the click and collect option means you can choose a pickup location to get your purchase whenever is convenient for you.
Combine that with our price beat guarantee and warranty options for up to 15 years, and you know you’re getting the best product, at the best prices, with the best guarantees. At Buy Direct Online, we believe you should always buy in confidence – so all our plastic chairs are of the highest quality, at a guaranteed low price, and can be returned if you’re not happy with them within 30 days.

Need Help? Just Get in Touch!

It’s easy to find out more about our plastic outdoor armchairs. Our team is available over the phone to discuss your options, our warranty and guarantees, and which options suit your needs best. Feel free to give the team a call on 1300 313 495, and we’ll be ready to help you get the best deal.

We can even help you arrange your click and collect, discuss previous purchases, or tell you more about similar products. No matter what you’re looking for, the Buy Direct Online team is happy to help you find the right product, and even assist you with the navigation of the website if you need it. We’re always happy to help!

Better Plastic Arm Chairs Won’t Be Found Anywhere Else

At Buy Direct Online, the range of plastic chairs with arms that we stock is one of the most popular and in-demand sellers on the entire site. As such, we always encourage those that wish to acquire them to order early. We continually re-stock this item, but just as soon as they are in the door, they are snapped up.
So, if you want to buy plastic armchairs and need versatility in terms of colour, style and price, look no further than right here at Buy Direct Online. You won’t find better chairs or better prices anywhere else.