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Hand Sanitizer Available from BuyDirectOnline.com.au

During 2020, some of our products have gained a lot more publicity than others. There have been all kinds of stories of customers stockpiling toilet roll and baking supplies, but perhaps the most predictable of bulk-bought products has been hand sanitizer. Thankfully, much of the panic buying has subsided. However, businesses should continue to maintain sensible stocks of this product for the good of their employees and the clients they serve.Read More

Looking for Quality Hand Sanitizer for Your Workplace?

Buy Direct Online is pleased to offer an excellent range of products to help your business fulfil its duty of care, including stocks of hand sanitizer. For over 20 years, we’ve supplied offices, schools and public spaces all over Australia with the equipment they’ve needed to keep their employees and clients safe and healthy.

Good Quality Sanitizer in Bulk

For busy workplaces, especially those which admit members of the general public, it is important to have hand sanitizer that can be used regularly and maintain effectiveness in reducing the spread of germs. Some decontaminants can be extremely abrasive when used frequently and can irritate sensitive skin. It is also important that the anti-bacterial properties start acting right away.

You should be sure that your supply is fit for purpose. If you are looking for a hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer dispensers for public washrooms, for instance, you may look for one that has a higher antibacterial agent, as there is a greater risk from those outside the business. For your employees, you should think about installing a station with signage, so that sanitizer is always accessible and always maintained.

Benefits of our Hand Sanitizer

We are partnered with a reliable manufacturer of hand sanitizer, who is working very hard to make sure Australia has enough of this vital product. Though costs of production have increased as the demand has grown, we are pleased to continue to offer our stocks at a competitive rate, even with discounts on bulk quantities. We do, however, continue to discourage panic buying.

Our hand sanitizer is Australian sourced, produced and is available in all of our warehouses across the nation. The benefits of our product include:

Usable by all skin types

Locked-in moisturiser


Quick-acting anti-bacterial agents

Buy Your Hand Sanitizer Online at BuyDirectOnline

Buy Direct Online is very pleased to be able to provide this product, and we are aware of the duty we have to every community that uses our service. We’re committed to keeping the costs low so that everyone can afford it and everyone can benefit from it. You’ll also be pleased to find we’re offering cheap and speedy delivery whilst still abiding by the regulations in place.

We have several different delivery services including:

Free Delivery

Next day delivery (where possible) if ordered before 3 pm

Contact-free deliver

Click and Collect from one of our warehouse (there’s one in every capital city)

We’re also pleased to offer discounts on delivery for orders of 10 or more items. Just get in touch for a free quote if this is part of a larger order.

Questions About Our Hand Sanitizer? Get in Touch Now!

Over the past 20 years, we’ve grown to become an institution in business equipment supply, and we are deeply thankful that our customers have stuck by us during a difficult time for business. If you are thinking of ordering from us, we’d urge you to take a look through our Facebook, eBay and Google reviews. You’ll discover a community of satisfied clients from all across the nation.

Whatever needs or requirements you have, we’d love to hear from you. You can order directly from our website or you can email or call if you have any specific requirements or question, so please get in contact now. We’re ready to make your acquaintance.Read Less