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Casino Gambling Chairs & Poker Stools

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Why Buy Casino Poker Gaming Chairs from BuyDirectOnline.com.au?

Here at BuyDirectOnline.com.au, we stock a number of chairs and stools for a variety of commercial applications. Our range of casino and gaming chairs are built to the highest standards to ensure they stand the test of time. Hardwearing, stylish and functional are all key aspects we consider before adding furniture to our online store, these have all been taken into account with our range of gaming chairs. With varying height and upholstery options, these chairs can be modified to suit your current casino or gaming set-up.Whether you are after a commercial-grade fabric or a hard-wearing polyurethane chair, we have a selection that can meet your requirements and current interior design. Most of our casino chairs are available with a drafting ring for maximum comfort and are given that extra bit of stability with a strong, polished chrome base. Perfect for roulette, poker, blackjack or even the pokies. If you are looking to order these casino stools in bulk, please give us a call on 1300 313 495 and one of our experienced sales staff can assist you with bespoke pricing and discounts.

Poker Stools You Don’t Have to Take a Gamble On

There is something really relaxing about poker chairs. That perch and chrome base offer just the kind of right support to allow you to relax without risking the possibility of dropping off to sleep and simultaneously keeps you alert enough to engage whether that is with the gaming machines before you, or the TV screen you are watching the game on.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we appreciate that what were once items found only in bars and casinos are fast becoming household items, acquired to bring a new kind of style and décor to the home. Times and tastes are changing with each passing year and so, for those that wish to kit their living room or games room out to look like their ideal bar or gambling joint, rest assured that we have the choices in stock that will enable you to do so for a lot less than any other retailer.

Those in the vicinity of Melbourne, Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney can go one better when they get to the checkout and opt for the click and collect feature, which will enable you to spare yourself the shipping costs, and allow you to choose when you want to pick up your products from our warehouse. However, living in the metro areas has its advantages, too, because there is always a possibility that your order will qualify for free delivery.

Gambling Stools Add Value, and Here’s How

First of all, when someone drops into your home, or place of business, they invariably check out the layout and what you have furnished it with. Those with casino stools can expect a few comments because they immediately suggest a sense of personality and lend a certain charm and style to the room.

They are also a great choice for those with limit space to play with, or who need to be able to store them away without having to figure out where exactly they could go. Given that they are a relatively light-weight product means that you can move them from room to room if you need to, which offers the possibility of transforming other rooms in your home or business by adding or removing them.

A gambling stool also offers flexibility in terms of adjustability. Regardless of your height, you can raise or lower the seat as you need to, which means that even if you’re not using it, your little ones can enjoy them just as much as you do. They look great around a breakfast counter and swivelling around always add to the fun of eating at a countertop!

At Buy Direct Online, you can find a variety of styles and colours that are guaranteed to blend in perfectly or stand out from your existing setup. Why settle for something plain and boring when you can level up your living area with something that is fun, stylish and will last you for many years to come?

Poker chairs will add atmosphere to your poker nights

Poker is becoming much more popular as a social activity throughout Australia, and many people enjoy hosting poker nights at home.
We say if you’re going to host a game, you should go all the way with it and make the experience as authentic as possible. All you need is a baize table (traditional colours are green, blue, and dark red), some poker chairs, and a deck of cards. If you want to be extra fancy, you could also add a card shoe, but that is definitely an item that comes in under “optional accessories”.

Playing poker at home should be just the way you see it on televised poker tournaments. With the right furnishings, you are a big step closer to that.

The same standards and quality as official casino chairs

Whether you’re just hosting poker nights at home or running a licensed casino, you can buy with confidence from Buy Direct Online because our casino chairs are 100 percent authentic.

Each casino chair and gambling stool has a sturdy base to help maintain stability, and swivel action so players can easily find the most comfortable position. Some models may also have a gas lift mechanism so the height can be adjusted as well. If you’re unsure about any of the features, or if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff who will be happy to assist with whatever information you need.

The gambling stool made famous on television and movies

You will see these gambling stools shown on televised poker tournaments, and also in casino scenes from movies and television dramas. The authentic look and deluxe comfort mean every player is a winner, at least when it comes to having a comfortable seat.

Poker stools add professionalism to your game

The enjoyment level of any game is increased when you have the proper equipment. A game of cricket in the back yard using a tennis ball and a rubbish bin is still fun, but it feels nothing at all like a real game of cricket.

Poker (and other casino-style games) are the same. If you play without the right equipment, there is an element of amateurishness that puts the experience on the same level as back yard cricket. When you do have the right equipment, the professionalism helps people feel more immersed in the game experience, and that heightens the enjoyment factor.

Casino games aren’t the only use for casino stools

You can use these high-quality casino stools with any table or countertop of an appropriate height. They provide a stable swivel seat that is very comfortable for those who spend much of their time seated.
These stools, for example, can be used in factory assembly lines. They can also be used in bars and restaurants. In fact, anywhere you’d normally use a high stool and the features of swivel motion, stable base, and footrest are required.

The Biggest Range of Poker Stools Online

The good news for those that are planning to buy from us here at Buy Direct Online is that we offer 10-year warranties on all of our products and we operate a 30-day returns policy. Both are designed to bring you a little more peace of mind, however, with over a quarter of a million satisfied customers have chosen and trusted us to date, we are highly confident that our products will exceed your expectations.

So, for poker stools and casino chairs that will transform your home or premises, and at the lowest prices in Australia, welcome to your one-stop shop, right here at Buy Direct Online.