Product Of The Week #44 – PU Leather & Mesh Gaming Chair

PU Leather & Mesh Gaming Chair at BuyDirectOnline

Gaming has experienced huge growth in recent history. No longer is it a realm dominated by fringe ‘geeks’ it is a mainstream powerhouse enjoyed by everybody.

Given its popularity, it is no surprise that when racing inspired gaming chairs arrived on the market they became instant hits among avid gamers serious about there performance.


Best sitting position

Our PU Leather & Mesh Racing Chair is one of those chairs and it is one of the highest-quality, most aesthetically pleasing entry-level gaming chairs on the market.

One look at the Chair and you’ll be impressed with the design, features and its sporty two-tone hues. Upholstered in premium faux leather, the Chair seat is richly padded and comfortable thanks to its high-density injection-moulded foam, and yet firm in the right places for adequate support.

We have a generous range of colours and types of gaming chairs. We are striving to be able to offer gamers supreme comfort when they are participating in their hobby or profession as well as full ergonomic support to ensure the gaming lasts as long as possible!


Easter Egg Section

Furthermore, if you are really serious about your gaming, check out the X-Chair after you’ve watched the below review!

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