CBRE Healthy Offices – The Snowball Effect of Healthy Offices

People function and perform significantly better in a healthy work environment. It also makes people more aware of their health and it inspires them to live healthier at home.

The University of Twente, VU Amsterdam and CBRE joined forces for a unique study on employee health. This multidisciplinary research focused on the effects of the working environment on employee potential and involved the departments of neurocognitive psychology, biomedical engineering and business. Even though earlier research already suggested that such a relationship existed, ‘normal’ situations and ‘healthy’ people had never been studied to this extent before. Dutch people are among the happiest and healthiest people in the world, yet the burn-out rates are on the rise. This study measures the effect of changes in the working environment and health over a period of seven months at CBRE’s Amsterdam office, using surveys, experiments, biological data, movement of daily ratings, and interviews.

A human-centric work environment has a massive impact when it comes to the performance, well being and health of employees.

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