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Social distancing and modern environments don’t really go together, and it can be difficult to see how the two can co-exist. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has produced regulations that mean people need to keep at least 1.5 metres apart, open plan offices are designed for team integration and close working relationships.
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Table Dividers for Modern Environments

At the present time, the close relationships can be a safety hazard as well as a violation of restrictions. Consequently, it seems almost impossible for existing office space to be fully occupied, with the problem of infection from coughs and sneezes being a real danger. Table partitions, however, can provide a part of the solution and offer other advantages for business owners and office staff.

H2: Table Screens are the Solution to Open Plan Office Problems

Open plan offices are extremely popular because they offer several benefits. They allow teams to work together, collaborating and sharing ideas so that they are more creative. They also mean that more people can be accommodated in a given space since there is no need for internal walls and doors to divide an area into several office cubicles and they allow managers to easily oversee their workers.

The downside is that open plan offices can be noisy due to the lack of walls, with telephones ringing, printers rattling and numerous people holding separate conversations across the whole area. That can be extremely distracting, disturbing the concentration of people who need to think and generally causing an increase in frustration and a reduction in productivity.

Without going back to having individual offices, which would be a retrograde step, there has to be a solution to the problem that strikes a balance between team and solo working. That’s made more urgent with the need for social distancing and table dividers are the obvious choice.

By fixing dividers between individual work spaces, workers can gain some privacy when they need it but still have access to team members at other times. The acoustic properties of these dividers will also cut out a lot of the background noise and make it much easier for people to concentrate on their work.

Flexible Types and Uses

Dividers are available in several sizes, colours, styles and materials so can be accommodated on all types of desks and fit in with different office décor. Although most widely used in offices, they are also useful in cafes to separate tables and in schools, colleges and other environments.

With flexible arrangement of desks and table dividers, team areas can be created with privacy when needed for individual members. They allow the creation of private or collaborative spaces and mean open plan offices can become truly productive and fulfil all their aims, as well as helping to protect workers from viruses and other hazards.

Buy Direct Online have many years of experience in supplying office furniture and equipment for all types of environments. Consequently, we can advise on how to use the dividers most effectively and to ensure your space is as productive and safe as it can be.
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Sneeze & Cough Table Segregation Screens Strong Protection Barriers Free standing Mobile
Australian Made
Brand: OFD-W Product Code: BDO-TAB-SCR
Sneeze & Cough Table Segregation Screens Strong Protection Barriers Free Standing MobileMore custom frame colours are available: Please contact [email protected] for further assistance.This table segregation sneeze and cough separation barriers allow restaurants, cafes and pubs to ope..
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