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Waiting Benches & Visitor Beam Seating

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Bench & Beam Seating For Sale Online

The only place that you once would see beam seating was at the airport or train station. While this is still the typically chosen seating option afforded in these places, offices that deal with a high volume of traffic have turned toward this solution to make the best use of their space and give a sense of organisation to what might otherwise be a cluttered and crowded space.

At Buy Direct Online, we are the only place anybody that wants to save a few dollars on their office equipment needs to go. We are Australian-owned and operated and our presence in the marketplace over the past 20 years means that we have developed and fostered relationships with freight operators, courier companies and warehouse distributors all across the country.

This enables us to reduce our prices and put in place a price beat guarantee that ensures that you can pay less with us than anywhere else. But the benefits of shopping with us don’t stop there. Free metro delivery is possible on a range of our products, warranties of up to 10-years can be accessed and for those that are looking for a waiting room bench that will bring a new dynamic to their space, assembly is possible, because we know that you most likely have many more things to concern yourself with.

The Advantages of Bench Seating

Naturally when you are going down the route of changing the appearance of your office space, or if you are just about to open for business, you want to make sure that your waiting area makes the kind of first impression that will lend visitors a sense of confidence in the abilities of your organisation.

This visitor bench is the ideal solution for those that need appropriate seating indoors for guests on their premises that will complement the existing décor and ensure that each person waiting is comfortable and is afforded their personal space.

You have to consider and factor time into the equation when choosing office furniture that is going to be subjected to heavy use. If you buy in a bunch of nice chairs made from fabric or any other material, then you are most likely going to be faced either with repairs or having to replace them within a few short years. The reality is that wear and tear will seriously test the material and given that accidents are unavoidable, you could be faced with a less attractive waiting area than you originally had in a short space of time.

At Buy Direct Online, our airport seating offers you a strong, rigid design made with metal and steel that combines chrome and powder coated finishes to deliver a timeless look that will stand up to heavy usage and last for many years without showing its age.

When it comes to cleaning, this product is the ultimate time-saver. All it really requires is a cloth and some soapy warm water, which means that you don’t have to concern yourself with hiring professional cleaners that need specialist equipment to ensure that your seats are clean and germ-free.

Are you looking for visitor bench seating?

If you’re looking for airport seating, a waiting room bench, a visitor bench, or any other form of beam seating, then look no further because here at Buy Direct Online we guarantee the best products at the best price!

What is waiting room seating and why should you choose it?
Beam seating is a popular and effective form of seating that can be either fixed securely to a room’s floor or can be left in a freestanding position, dependant on your bespoke needs. It can also be described as a form of bench seating, as a result of the design’s affinity and similarity with benches. Typically, beam seating designs include a group of seats that are attached by a beam (hence the name) with legs attached at both ends of the beam. They are commonly found in airports and bus stations but have a multitude of uses beyond those specific environments, e.g. they are often used as a bench in waiting rooms.

In modern times, there has been a significant increase in the ranges and styles of furniture available. It is now essential that functionality and aesthetics are equally evident in most products. People no longer solely value the ergonomic designs of a product; they also want a product that is fashionable, smart and stylish.

Beam seating is a prime example of a product where utility and beauty have intertwined. These products are very evident in areas that experience above-average levels of high traffic and is very commonplace within a wide range of waiting or seating areas. No longer is it a simple solution to a seating problem, beam seating has grown and evolved into a more bespoke, chic product. There are now a massive range of shapes, styles, colours and styles available– along with an even wider range of colours and finishes, which can all be adjusted to suit the needs and preferences of our customers.

We also endorse beam seating because it is incredibly durable and long-lasting, so if your seating is likely to experience high levels of use then you need a product that will stand the test of time whilst also maintaining a .quality appearance.

Why choose Buy Direct Online for Visitor Benches?

Now that we have explained the nature and benefits of utilising beam seating, we now would like to take this opportunity to outline why you should choose our company for your products.
Firstly, we have a wide range of products available as a result of being Australia’s number one online provider of furniture. We cater for all needs and know that within our range you will find a product that is reliable, affordable and fit for your requirements.

We also have a strong shipping network that we use to provide our customers with free delivery where possible, or with the lowest possible price available. We are so immensely confident and invested in the high-quality of our products that we offer a free 10 year warranty for all items purchased from us.

To make things easier for our customers and improve their overall experience, we offer different payment options for most of our products, which includes using Zip Pay.

More importantly, we are a tried and tested company with an incredible reputation that has been established, fostered and maintained for almost three decades. Please don’t waste any time looking at other companies, start with the best and get in touch with us now so that we can start showing you why our customers come back to us, time after time.

Fast & Free Shipping on All of Our Bench Seating

At Buy Direct Online, the waiting bench is always a hot ticket item that sells very fast. The durability and strength it brings to any space make for a fantastic investment that will stand the test of time and ensure that you can keep the costs of refurbishment and repair to an absolute minimum.

So, don’t hesitate, because these items fly out our door almost as soon as we re-stock them!