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Fold Up Trestle Tables

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Whether it is for a catering business, exhibition display or simply an extra table that can be easily stored away, you could do little better than investing in good quality fold up trestle table. They are invaluable when it comes to calibrating or recalibrating table arrangements in venues or conference centres and ideal for anyone who is looking for easily transportable display solutions. Those who are regular users of trestle tables will know that they also have to be incredibly durable.

Our Range of Fold Up Trestle Tables for Sale

That’s where we come in. We offer fold up trestle tables online that are built only from the highest quality, most rugged materials utilising designs generated specifically to suit regular use. For over twenty years we’ve been supplying some of the best-known businesses and companies with our fantastic office furniture, all carefully crafted by the best furniture makers that Australia has to offer.

Before buying a trestle table, you need to think carefully about what you are going to use it for. Think about whether you will be needing a few further down the line, what kind of colours you are going to matching them with or whether it needs a particular aesthetic to fit in with your spaces. It’s also worth getting an idea of measurements. Some of our trestle tables are bigger than others, and it can be a bit frustrating if you buy one, only to find you can’t get it through the door!
Bearing these things in mind, here are a couple of samples of the trestle tables we have to offer.

Trestle Table Poly Top Folding Metal Legs Rectangle

This design is among the most inexpensive of our offerings, but don’t let the price fool you. It is a fantastic asset for anyone who needs a mobile table unit that is rugged enough to deal with the knocks and bumps of travel without weighing a ton. They are specially designed to offer a slightly raised area in the middle of the table that straightens out as soon as items are placed on it, avoiding irritating bowing effects. Other features include:

Range of three different sizes (see product page for more details)

Powder-coated frame

Foldable legs and top for easy storage and transportation

12 months structural warranty

You’ll be pleased to note that this trestle table folds in half for easy carriage and some sizes come with free handles.

Eclipse Trestle Table Timber Top Metal Frame

These heavy-duty, stylish trestle tables are perfect for conference centres or venues that have table storage facilities. They are designed to undergo regular use and will put up with the constant packing up and loading out often associated with busy conference or business venues. They are fully customisable and are sent out flat packed with easy-to-follow instructions for assemblage. Other features include:

150kg weight capacity (making it one of the strongest tables we supply)

Wide range of colours and sizes, many of which are customisable

Strong, 25mm thick melamine top

10-year warranty

As mentioned, this table comes with all kinds of customisable options, so if you are after something specific, give us a call and we’ll be happy to take you through the options.

Order Your Folding Trestle Tables Online Today!

In fact, we love to hear from customers regardless. We’re passionate about our products and are always keen to share the benefit of our knowledge with anyone interested in fitting out their office, venue or home.
Alternatively, fill out a few details on our registration form, and buy your fold up trestle table today!