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The hospitality sector has been hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, with restaurants and bars closed. As they begin to reopen slowly with strict conditions in place, it’s necessary to protect customers by limiting their numbers and keeping them apart using restaurant divider screens.

Using Restaurant Screens to Ensure Social Distancing

It is a challenge for restaurants because social distancing will not only reduce the number of covers an establishment is allowed to have, at least temporarily, but may also adversely affect the ambience that is essential for any restaurant. To tempt customers back, all restaurants have to make them feel safe but at the same time create a memorable experience.

Meeting the Challenge with Restaurant Partitions

Restaurateurs will have to carefully consider the layout of their available space in order to make the best use of it and achieve maximum customer numbers while complying with the required social distancing. Using restaurant dividers will help in these aims since they can segregate the area into separate compartments that will keep diners apart and enable staff to operate safely.

Although the need for social distancing may be an unwelcome imposition, it can also provide an opportunity that, used properly, will make your establishment more welcoming and attractive. Restaurant partitions that match the rest of the décor can add to the aesthetic value rather than detracting from it.

High Quality Restaurant Screens That Ensure Social Distancing

Buying suitable restaurant screens and using them correctly can provide several benefits that include a reduction of intrusive noise by creating an acoustic barrier that breaks up open spaces. You can produce more privacy for those who desire it and provide a cosy atmosphere in even very large areas.

One of the big advantages of our restaurant partitions is their flexibility. While social distancing measures are in place, you can adjust their positioning if you haven’t got it just right. And, once restrictions are lifted, you can use them to create variable spaces to cater for parties of different sizes so that the configuration of the restaurant is almost limitless. This will also provide variety for frequent guests.

Quality Restaurant Dividers for Lasting Good Looks

You’ll be aware that a restaurant has to do more than just serve excellent food. It also has to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere and to provide an enjoyable dining experience. Our restaurant divider screens enable you to achieve these aims.

They’re quality products made from the finest materials and are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours so they fit in with any décor, whether traditional or modern. They’re extremely durable and so will resist knocks and scratches, while they’re also very low maintenance so they’ll look good for years to come.

Questions About Our Restaurant Screens & Dividers?

All our barriers are easy to install and so won’t cause any downtime or lost income. They’re equally as easy to move about so any reconfiguration you undertake will cause little disruption. In short, they’ll enable your restaurant to function smoothly and safely with increased flexibility and attractiveness.

Whilst current restrictions may seem a nuisance and a threat to business, despite them being necessary, they can also be an opportunity to improve. With restaurant dividers from Buy Direct Online, you can fully conform to regulations and at the same time provide an improved dining experience.