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School Ottomans Available From

School ottomans are a great way to utilise a breakout area, either in the reception area of your university or at the back of a classroom. Spice up your school environment with one of these versatile pieces of educational furniture today. Read more about school ottomans and how you can order them today!

Discover all of the different colours & styles we have on offer in our ottoman range, specifically designed with educational spaces in mind. Ottomans are a great way to utilise a breakout area, either in the reception area of your university or at the back of a classroom to create additional learning space.

Types Of School Ottomans Available From BuyDirectOnline

We have many different types of school ottomans available on our website, from traditional designs to more quirky and unique styles. Our range includes:

Square & Rectangular Ottomans

As standard school ottomans are square or rectangular in shape, they offer an easy solution to school furniture that can be packed away easily when not needed. However many schools opt for customised school ottomans which may come with storage boxes at the bottom of each one, offering fantastic additional learning space.

Fun Shapes & Designs

From dice-shaped to peanut-shaped all the way to puzzle ottomans. BuyDirectOnline stock creative shapes and designs of ottomans. Available in multiple colours, school ottomans are a fantastic way to bring fun school furniture into your educational space.

Vinyl or Fabric Options

Depending on the age range of your students as well as the desired use of school ottomans, you may want to consider the different upholstery options you have available. Vinyl ottomans are great in pre-school and childcare settings as they are easy to wipe clean in case of spills or accidents.

Hard-wearing fabric upholstery options are more appropriate for high-school and university students, who are likely to be more careful with furniture. Both vinyl and fabric upholstery options are available in a range of colours, so you can choose the perfect school ottoman for your setting.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ottomans In A Classroom?
There are huge benefits to introducing ottomans into a classroom environment. Creating more social spaces in your school, where students can gather and interact with one another can aid the development of social and emotional skills. As well as encouraging communication amongst peers and coming up with new ideas and concepts.

Benefits Of Using Ottomans & Creating A Breakout Zone At School Include:

Encourages clear and innovative thinking
Grows a sense of community from within
Promotes wellbeing & social inclusion
Supports the benefits of social interaction
Creates a fresh space for students to learn
Gives teachers an option to plan interactive lessons

Why Order School Ottomans From BuyDirectOnline?

BuyDirectOnline can offer bulk VIP discounts on orders containing more than 5 products. We also offer tailored shipping options and assembly services for schools that order in large quantities.

Make learning fun with our range of unique and sometimes quirky ottomans. Spice up your learning environment with one of these versatile pieces of school furniture today. Order online now or give us a call and we can help you with your order.