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School Desks Available From BuyDirectOnline.com.au

Schools are expensive. Classrooms need desks, school libraries need bookshelves, school canteens need tables and chairs. The list goes on and on. One of the most important school items is the school desk – they’re functional, durable and can be used for years by students of all ages.

Here at BuyDirectOnline, we stock a huge range of school desks in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit any budget or taste! If you’ve got your eye on one particular style then give our office a call because we also offer bulk discounts if you’re ordering more than just one desk set!

Types Of School Desks Available To Purchase Online:

There are many different types of school desks to choose from. The most popular type of desk is the standard school desk, which is perfect for children in primary and high school. These desks are usually rectangular in shape and have a number of compartments for pencils, paper and other stationery.

Depending on your student’s age range, application and classroom size, school desks come in a number of different shapes and sizes.

Standard Straight School Desks

Rectangular, straight school desks are the most common school desks in classrooms. These school desks are perfect for primary school students, high schoolers and even college kids because they have enough compartments to store all your stationery as well as a place to put your laptop or textbooks.

Standard straight school desks are made from commercial-grade materials meaning that they are incredibly hard-wearing and can take a beating from school kids.

Corner School Desks

Corner desks in schools are similar to regular school desks, but they are built for corners of the classroom. These school desks take up more space than traditional school desks. They can be paired with straight tables in the classroom when you’re not using them as school desks.

School corner desks have great options for additional storage such as filing cabinets or pigeon holes that can back onto your classroom walls.

Drafting Benches

Classroom drafting benches are great for science labs or school classrooms where students are doing artwork or drawing. School desks within this range have a slanted top that is perfect for drafting and sketching out ideas. If you’re planning to do some interesting practical work with your class, these school desks will serve as the tools for all of their hard work!

Breakout Tables

Breakout tables are perfect for school classrooms when you want to create small groups. These school desks have a hinged tabletop that can be folded down to create an easy way to store them aside. These mobile tables also have wheels on the bottom, so you can move them around your school as needed.

We also stock a range of school desks that are perfect for younger children. These school desks are smaller in size and usually have a colourful design that will appeal to kids. If you’re looking for an affordable option, these school desks are a great choice! This type of school desk is perfect for collaborative learning and group work.

Why Purchase New School Desks From BuyDirectOnline.com.au?

Ever thought about how much better your classroom would look with the right desks? We stock classroom desks for all ages, student desks need to be both functional and durable.

If you need to kit out a school or university with new desks, browse our range below and you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us today we stock a huge range of desks and tabletops in the most common colours. Do you need to buy in bulk or want to order some additional school furniture? Give us a call on 1300 313 495 and we can help you out.