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Plastic Outdoor Chairs for Sale

Comfort is one of the basic things that every café, restaurant or bistro needs to get right. Given that we have a climate that generally affords us the choice between eating in or outdoors, this makes the decision about what kind of furniture to invest in worth considering for business owners in the foodservice sector. You need to choose something that will work well in both settings, will suit your décor and not look out of place when it is in direct sunlight.

Fortunately, here at Buy Direct Online, we have plastic outdoor chairs that deliver an exceptionally stylish look and offer comfort levels that you can rely on to satisfy your customers while they dine or drink on your premises. We are committed to making contemporary furniture accessible to any and all who require a high standard of quality and wish to avail of it at super low prices. 

Why Plastic Chairs for Your Outdoor Dining Area?

We know what you’re thinking, plastic is not an environmentally-friendly product. Hold that thought. At Buy Direct Online, we appreciate that as the world becomes much more conscious about climate change and the effects of industry on our environment, solutions are needed that help reduces the damage and limit the impact.

As such, our plastic café chairs are made from recyclable polypropylene with a mix of fibreglass, and this makes them a 100% recyclable product. Furthermore, with a 2 year UV resistance warranty attached, this ensures that your investment will stand up to the harshest of Australian conditions and will not require replacement for some time without fading.

Outdoor dining chairs are not always required. During the colder months when customers want to be indoors, you need a product that you can store easily and access quickly. Having a set of plastic chairs means that you will be able to light and move them with ease, given their lightweight nature, and the fact that you can stack them 8 high will mean that you can do more with your space than you would with a wooden alternative.

What’s more, plastic chairs come in a variety of colours, designs and styles, which make them the ideal choice for those that wish to complement their décor and establish a brand image. In addition to this, you won’t have to worry about incurring damage to them when they bump against hard surfaces and in the event of a rainstorm they’re not going to absorb a drop or be compromised by the wet.

Get your plastic outdoor chairs from Buy Direct Online

If you need to buy plastic outdoor chairs, especially if you’re buying them in bulk quantities, there is no easier or better way to get what you need than by purchasing from Buy Direct Online, Australia’s leading online furniture store.

Our plastic chairs are strong, lightweight, and easy to clean. For most kinds of spills, you can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth, and they’ll look as good as new. Plastic material also dries quickly because it is non-porous, so they’re ready to be used again in almost no time at all.
We have the best deals for plastic chairs of all kinds, including plastic stacking chairs. You can browse our quality range and order right from our website, and your products will arrive really fast. Usually, customers will receive their products within 24 hours of ordering where same or next day shipping is indicated.

Better plastic café chairs by design

We’ve all experienced those awful cheap plastic chairs that can bear almost no weight and can be dangerous to use. Even worse are those that aren’t up to Australian conditions and deteriorate quickly in the intense summer sunlight. That’s not what you will find in our warehouses because we only stock quality products.
Even with our insistence on high quality, you still get the best value because our trading volume means we have generous savings to pass on to our customers. We not only offer fantastically low prices; we also will beat any genuine lower quote you get from a competitor.
But what’s so great about our plastic chairs? What makes them better than the average? It’s simply that they’re designed by experts in outdoor plastic chair design, to create chairs that are comfortable, durable, and ideally suited to use in Australia.

You will see it in the thicker, stronger, more stable plastic that is used. Also the sturdier frame design and added features to provide greater comfort. These advantages can even be seen on our very low-cost chair models, and that’s why you can always be sure of getting the best deal when you buy from us.

Outdoor dining chairs you can be proud of

Our chairs are amazingly inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean they look “cheap”. You can give your outdoor dining area a real touch of class because our designer plastic outdoor chairs look the part. They also are comfortable to sit on and have features that make them more attractive for your customers.
You can choose bright colours or neutral tones, and there are designs that include louvres and vents to make outdoor dining a breeze. You can get an all-plastic design, or hybrid plastic and metal, or plastic and wood.
No matter which of our range you choose, you can be sure it is going to meet your needs for an outdoor dining chair very well, and it will be up to the task.
Choosing your plastic chairs from us can even help protect you from liability because many plastic chairs you will find elsewhere are made from cheap plastic that is not strong enough to support much more than the weight of a child.
We offer safe, reliable, hygienic plastic chairs at genuine value prices. When you need plastic outdoor chairs, get them from Buy Direct Online.

Choose Buy Direct Online for the Best Outdoor Plastic Dining Chairs

Over the past 20 years, the team at Buy Direct Online has established itself as a tried, tested and trusted supplier and with 250,000 customers and counting already benefitting from our exceptional service, we have been able to expand our operations to make it that little bit more efficient. Our warehouses are now in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Brisbane, which ensures that we are able to process and complete deliveries of orders faster than anyone else.

So, for plastic stacking chairs and any other furniture you require to bring a level of class, style or dynamism to your premises, we invite you to browse the site, order with confidence and know that the team at Buy Direct Online has your best interests at heart.