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The outdoor furniture and equipment range available from has everything you need to create the perfect outdoor setting for either your workplace, home or business environment. We stock commercial grade outdoor dining settings as well as outdoor lounge and storage units. Our outdoor range is built with Australian weather in mind and has been designed with your comfort as a top level priority. Functional, comfortable and stylish, this range of furniture is bound to wow your customers or neighbours, whatever your end use for it may be.

We have a great selection of outdoor dining tables and seating solutions that are perfect for restaurants, cafes or pubs. If you’re ordering in bulk or want to ask us some questions regarding our outdoor furniture and equipment range, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and we can help out. We also offer bespoke pricing for bulk orders, so get in touch if you are looking to purchase in large quantities.Outdoor Furniture OnlineThe climate that we have in Australia affords us so many possibilities in terms of how we can live our lives. Where some countries might have to suffer persistent rain, for the majority of us we experience quite a lot of sunshine, and so we have many opportunities to really make the best of the outdoors. As such, anybody that has a patio, or a deck area, or a back garden for that matter, will inevitably seek outdoor furniture and online is the best place to go for those that want to get it for less.

At Buy Direct Online, we are the ultimate one-stop shop for bargain hunters and for people that just want to get great quality at prices that can’t be beaten. We guarantee that you won’t find better prices anywhere else in Australia, and if you do, our price beat guarantee is here to save you another few dollars.What You Want from Outdoor FurnitureIf you have come to our outdoor furniture online store but are unconvinced that you really need anything for those long sunny days, then we encourage you to consider the advantages of having and using plastic outdoor furniture.

At Buy Direct Online, we know that there is no getting away from those UV rays, and so in designing and manufacturing outdoor products for the Australian market, we committed to the idea of making UV resistant goods available that would last our customers a very long time.The great thing about choosing plastic for your outdoors is that it is a very affordable choice that won’t set you back nearly as much as wood or metal alternatives. What’s more, with plastic you won’t have to think twice about moving your furniture about or rejigging the order of your deck when you need to accommodate a few more people. It is a lightweight option, and so, for most, it is vastly more moveable.Some outdoor furniture stores will play to the idea that metals offer greater durability. However, in truth, plastic will withstand a lot of pressure and damage, and it won’t absorb moisture. Many metals are prone to rust once they are exposed to moisture, particularly if located near the ocean, and so in time, you will lose the once stunning look they brought, which will be replaced by something you don’t want your guests to notice.

There is a strong chance that you’re going to have a lot of sun in this country and so with plastic, you can tailor your look to whatever you want it to be. There are loads of different colour choices available, and this variety can make it much easier to keep your look unique.Faster and for LessHere at Buy Direct Online, we have been in operation for over 25 years, and in that time we have been extremely fortunate to serve the needs of over 250,000 customers. It is a testament to our dedication to you, and we know that our longevity and popularity with your fellow Australians will give you a little more confidence while you buy outdoor furniture from us.The best outdoor furniture Australia has to choose from, at the best prices and with the approval of thousands of previous customers is right here in our online store, and we are ready, willing and able to get it to you faster and for less.