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The modern workplace is changing rapidly to meet the demands of employees who simply wonā€™t tolerate traditional chairs and desks that offer no real support and threaten their physical well-being and as a consequence their mental health. Companies have a duty of care to their staff and itā€™s important that they pay attention to innovations in office design in terms of making ā€˜workā€™ a productive space, which promotes and encourages productivity.

Office workstations to suit a modern workplace in Sydney

When choosing office workstations Sydney employers are spoiled for choice, however, while the idea of an office like one of the social media giants comes with a hefty price tag, there are plenty of high quality, affordable options which, when combined, can give your office its own distinctive identity.

Here at, we are the number one choice for office furniture and have been manufacturing for and supplying the Australian market for 25 years. Key to our success is an ability to continually update our products with new designs and styles that meet the demands of our client base, year on year.

With 7 warehouses at our disposal around the country and substantial purchasing power, BuyDirectOnline passes the savings along to our clients by guaranteeing the best prices available and the possibility of free delivery anywhere in Australia.

Given that we offer 10-year warranties and 30-day risk-free trials it makes sense why more and more businesses and individuals are turning to us in search of the latest designs at the most affordable prices.

Why ergonomic worsktations are an investment in your staffsā€™ wellbeing

A key problem that emerged after the desktop computer took over the workplace was to do with monitor height. Many employees found that while their brand new, high spec computer worked like a dream, their necks repeatedly became strained looking either down or up at them. Monitors on desks simply were not at eye-level and so a solution was necessary. Monitor risers and laptop stands became the go-to choice.

Employees will spend anywhere between 2 and 8 hours a day in front of their computer monitor. This time, spent sitting is tough on the body, particularly if they are not sitting in an ergonomically designed chair. However, without the use of ergonomic monitor risers, the trend between long-term monitor use and aches, strains and pains that arise cannot be ignored.

The main benefits associated with using monitor risers is that they adjust the monitor height to suit the user, meaning that they do not have to compromise their posture while interacting with the screen. This helps prevent ocular strain and fatigue as well as neck pain. And so, with your staff comfortably seated and their monitor at a height that does not bring about undue stress or strain on their body, you can rest assured that their focus is on getting the job done, and not on finding a job elsewhere.

Comfortable, focused and content

Modern office furniture is but one part of the equation. Employees, customers and potential hires are increasingly identifying the sustainability factor of the company they work or are considering to work with. At BuyDirectOnline all of our products are GECA and AFRDI certified, ensuring that you can buy with confidence in the knowledge that we are doing our bit to build toward a better future.

The office workstations outlets offer are many and varied, but for a truly complete selection that caters to all kinds of office, small or large scale, check out Big savings are there to be had on high-quality furniture that will transform any office and ensure that your staff is comfortable, focused and content.

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If you are looking for office workstations that can be delivered to your workspace in Sydney, look no further than Buy Direct Online. We are the largest online furniture store in Australia and so you can trust us to have your new workstations delivered to you on time and that you will be completely satisfied with the amazing quality of your product.
Our workstations create the perfect ergonomic environment that you and your staff will absolutely love. Here, we are taking you through in a bit more depth why this is the type of office environment that you want.

The Benefits Of An Office Workstation

We mentioned briefly before about what you can expect from an ergonomic office space, but now it is time to delve into this topic in a little more detail. There are so many fantastic benefits that come from achieving this work environment, and you can learn more about them below!

One of the best things about working in an ergonomic office is that it will reduce pain and discomfort. When you do not have the right office furniture to support your staff who are sitting working there for around eight hours per day, this will quickly start to take its toll and lead to lots of unhappy employees and high turnover rates. This is not what any office wants! Make sure workers have equipment that will stop them from hunching over and harms their posture. Our ergonomic office furniture aims to do this and will help to prevent many work-related injuries.

When you have staff who are comfortable and happy, you can also look forward to a big boost in their productivity. Employees who have good health will be far more productive and wonā€™t be distracted by things such as pain in their back from hunching over all day over their office computer desk. Your company will benefit from the high-quality work that they produce and also the fewer sick days taken due to these work-related problems.

Finally, this type of office environment promotes employee wellness. This means not just improving their physical wellbeing, but their mental wellbeing also. Ergonomic office furniture helps to achieve this and your staff will feel much more appreciated. There are many studies out there to show that employees are happier when they feel that their employers treat them with care and respect and this promotes wellbeing.

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