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Sylex Ergonomics Office Furniture

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Sylex Office Furniture From Buy Direct Online

Sylex is a leading design and manufacturer of smart office furniture and has been providing both stylish and innovative furniture to offices across Australia for the past 40 years.

Looking for a new office chair that will make you feel like a boss? Check out Sylex office furniture! Sylex is a trusted brand name when it comes to office chairs, and their products are known for their quality and durability. If you’re looking for an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style, Sylex is the way to go.

There are hundreds of different factors that can make an office environment both an effective and comfortable place to work – your furniture should be the number one priority.

What Can I Buy From The Sylex Office Furniture Range?

Our extensive range of Sylex furniture includes height-adjustable desks, mats, chairs, monitor arms and much, much more. Each piece has been crafted and designed with the end-user in mind.

Sylex core focus when designing office furniture is making sure that pieces are both ergonomic and functional making them pioneers in the field of office furniture design.

Sylex Office Chairs

One of the most important pieces of Sylex furniture is, of course, the office chair. A good office chair should provide support to your back and neck while also being comfortable enough to encourage you to sit correctly.

From executive chairs to visitor chairs, the Sylex office chair range has got you covered.

Sylex Office Desks

Whether you are looking for height adjustable office desks or something a little more basic, Sylex has a range of desk options to suit your needs. Buy Direct Online also stocks a range of Sylex workstations which are great for larger open-plan office spaces.

To accompany your workspace, we have in stock a number of monitor arms to help you keep a neat and tidy desk and increase your overall workspace.

Other Sylex Office Furniture Products

In addition to our range of Sylex chairs and desks, we also stock a number of other Sylex office furniture products including desktop risers, office screen brackets, CPU holders and more.

View the complete range of office furniture below, their Deskalator is one of our most popular products which can turn any existing desk space into a sit-stand height adjustable desk at minimal hassle and cost!

Why Order Sylex Furniture From Buy Direct Online?

Buy Direct Online has been manufacturing and distributing office furniture right across Australia for over 25 years. We’re proud to offer this range of Sylex products directly to you.

If you’re looking to order office furniture in bulk, we can certainly help. From custom shipping quotes, on-site furniture assembly services and bespoke delivery solutions. We’ve helped 1000’s of Australians set up their ideal office workspace right across the country.

If you have any questions about this range or want to know more about any of the products manufactured by Sylex give us a call on 1300 313 495 and one of our experienced furniture experts will be able to assist you with your order.