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The Biggest Range of Reception Furniture for Sale Online in Australia

At BuyDirectOnline.com.au we have manufactured and provided reception furniture to hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses across Australia over the course of our 25 years. We have also customised our builds to the needs of clients who require something just a little bit more in keeping with their brand identity.

An important part of why over 250,000 customers have trusted us to date from both the business and personal worlds, is that all of our products are handcrafted and stocked in our warehouses, ready to ship once the order comes in. What’s more, we move forward with sustainability in mind and have adjusted our processes and procedures to ensure that they meet the strict criteria set out by both GECA and AFRDI, who have both certified and approved us respectively.

Think of your reception the same way you think about your business card

We can deliver our goods for free anywhere in Australia, which means that in choosing us you’re not only getting the lowest wholesale prices on the market but could also benefit from having to pay no transportation fees.

Let’s say you’ve just moved into a new building that is intended to be the main centre of activity for your company. This is where your employees will arrive every day, where existing and potential new clients will come for meetings and where couriers and those who move about town every day spreading the word as they go will drop in.

The first port of call for everyone that walks through those doors will be your reception area and so its importance cannot be underestimated.

Reception Furniture That’s High Quality and Handcrafted

Your reception furniture and overall design say a lot about what goes on inside to everyone who enters the building. Don’t you want it to inspire your employees, impress your clients and send those bike messengers and couriers back out into the world gushing to the rest of the business community about it? Of course, you do, because you know the collective value all of that has on your image, and the potential for your business to attract more customers.

So, when you are considering your reception area, think of a few key things. It should be organised and tidy so that it makes a good first impression. It should be functional in the sense that those who will work in it day in and day out have enough storage, space and room to comfortably manoeuvre throughout the day. It should be inviting in terms of its design, but also in keeping with the ethos of the company.

Risk-free trial

Here at BuyDirectOnline, we appreciate that getting this area of the building right is crucial, and so while something can look good on paper, it’s not until you actually see it in place that you can tell if it works. As such, we offer our customers a 30-day risk-free trial that empowers you to receive a trial product to see if it will work as you hope it will. All you need to do is include this detail in the comment section of your order and we’ll get it out to you.

There are so many options to choose from when you have to buy reception furniture, so our goal is to take the hassle, worry and as much of the expense out of it for you as we can.

BuyDirectOnline is Australian owned and operated and on a mission to give our fellow Aussies the best office furniture for less!

Why Buy Reception Counters from BuyDirectOnline.com.au?

Please listen very carefully, you need to understand that the reception area is very important, this first impression can make or break the way customers view your business. We recommend taking time to research receptions online to see what is available before you buy your new reception counter. Please make sure the design, style and colour you choose will compliment your image. We stock many unique counters which we have designed over the years, your receptionist will love them. If you would like some help don’t hesitate to call, we are more than happy to assist with this purchase. Buy reception counters online today and save 50% & get our exclusive free delivery offer, don’t forget receptions are very important!

Benefits You Enjoy When You Have a Beautiful Reception Area
Wondering why just about any office furniture won’t work for your reception areas?  Well, it probably is because the right reception furniture offers your business lots of added benefits such as the following;

Functionality – Our office front desks are not just beautiful.  These desks are designed with functionality in mind.  Each of our desks is designed at the correct height for receptionists, secretaries and admin assistants to work at.  The design of these desks eases administrative tasks and our desks are perfectly suitable for setting up your computer.  These desks also feature lots of leg space for comfortable seating or standing and many of our desks also offer storage areas such as cabinets, drawers, and shelves.

Easy organisation – Our office desks makes it very easy to keep your reception area organised.  These desks are designed to ease workflow in these busy areas and offer ample work surface and storage areas to keep all your stationery.
Neat and tidy presentation – Our desks in themselves are beautiful and the raised back of most of these desks makes it very easy to maintain a tidy office front.

Aesthetics – This is probably one of the biggest reasons to buy our desks.  All of our desks feature beautiful designs that are sure to impress your customers when they visit your facilities.
Easy to keep clean – Our office furniture is made of high-quality materials and their design makes them very easy to keep clean.   With these gorgeous and durable furniture pieces, your business will always look tidy and sparkly all the time.

Many of Our Reception Furniture Pieces Can Be Customised To Suit Your Need

At Buy Direct Online, we offer a huge variety of office furniture pieces and designs to choose from.  But that is not all.
Many of our furniture pieces can be custom ordered to suit your business need perfectly.

Some of our reception desks can be chosen in different colours, lengths and widths.  You can order your office counter desks in left or right handed side to suit your reception area or office entry points better.  And many of our office counter ranges give you the option to lengthen and shorten your desk as you need or to even choose a different shape in the same beautiful style.

Buy Reception Furniture Online Right Now

Do you want to make a great first impression on visiting customers?  Then it is time for you to choose better and more beautiful reception counters and furniture. Buy Direct Online is the best possible company you can trust because we offer high-quality products, customisable solutions, assembling services and we even have a warranty on many of our furniture products.

You can buy your office furniture directly online from our website, choose the customisation you desire and get your furniture delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.

We offer various shipping services such as click and collect options, standard delivery or next day delivery for those who might find themselves with an office furniture emergency on hand.

Contact Australia’s Reception Furniture Experts Today!

Buy Direct Online specialises in all things office furniture. We stock a huge range of office chairs, office desks, workstations, computer desks, office tables, office dividers, office storage, reception furniture and stand up desks. Browse & buy online today!