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Stacking Tables & Mobile Folding Flip Desks

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Folding Stacking Tables For Sale Online

When you have to host a large number of people, or are in the catering industry and regularly requested to provide eating and serving space for a conference, it is important that you have flexible solutions in place that enable you to move quickly both on arrival and departure. Stacking tables are the ideal product that marries the sturdiness of a normal table with storage capabilities that ensure that you can maximise your use of space and deliver an appropriate level of service without having to worry about whether it is fit for purpose and will hold up over time.

Here at Buy Direct Online, you will find a wide variety of choice when you need to secure folding desk solutions. We work tirelessly with our manufacturers and suppliers to continually make changes and additions to the range of stock that we offer. This ensures that those that need to kit their offices out with the best looking products and equipment can find what they need when they need it.

How Folding Stackable Tables Can Come in Handy

Restaurants, catering companies and centres that regularly host events need to be flexible so that when demand increases or decreases they can adapt their space without having to incur a major expense, or scramble to find appropriate solutions.

Stackable tables are a superior choice that ensures you won’t miss out on that large group passing through that wants to take over your restaurant, and you won’t be embarrassed should more space be required at the venue you are catering to. Changes made on a whim can catch even the best of planners off-guard, and so having the flexibility to accommodate can make the kind of impression that guarantees that you get the repeat business of that client in future.

What’s more, those that host weddings or parties know all to well that once the eating is done and the music comes on, the dance floor becomes the focus of those gathered. A mobile folding table is a relatively light-weight product that enables your employees to clear and collapse and store away with ease and little disturbance to the party.

Are you in need of high quality folding tables?

If you are searching for folding tables from a company known for providing high quality, reliable products, then look no further because here at Buy Direct Online we are Australia’s number one provider of online furniture. We sell a range of stackable tables so you can choose from our available range to find the product that suits you best. You might also be looking for other similar products, such as a folding desk, a flip desk or a mobile folding table, which we are also able to provide due to our extensive range of merchandise.

The Best Folding Tables in Australia

Folding tables are incredible devices that can satisfy a massive range of needs and are very much multi-purposeful. They are particularly useful when space is limited and allow for the maximisation of any given space. They can simply be folded away once they have been used. They are portable and easy to transport so they can be used in a variety of locations and workspaces, for example, offices, corridors, classrooms, homes, community centres, catering events, church halls etc.

Additional benefits of buying from our range?

  • Our folding tables are all incredibly durable, resilient and easy to assemble.
  • Our products allow you to choose from a selection of top shapes, sizes and colours.
  • We provide additional protective supports to reduce the potentiality for any damage.
  • Many of our products are sourced from local, Australian companies.
  • We offer a 10 year warranty on all of our products, so your satisfaction is almost guaranteed.
  • We provide ultra-fast and efficient delivery throughout Australia.
  • Our products all adhere to strict health and safety regulations.
  • We offer a range of different shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs.
  • We can provide cheaper, or even free, delivery depending on the amount of items that you order.

Why should you choose Buy Direct Online for Folding Tables?

Hopefully, our impressive range of folding table speaks for itself, and you can clearly see how reliable, cost-effective and practical they are. Now, you need to understand why our company is the right choice when it comes to purchasing the products you need.

Firstly, our range is second-to-none, and we don’t think we can beaten when it comes to the quality and range of our products. Additionally, we have a brilliant and well-resourced shipping network so we can ensure that our customers’ delivery experience is as seamlessly pleasant as possible. We also offer different payment options, including Zip Pay, and work hard to reduce the overall costs of delivery, whilst offering free delivery where possible.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We are a company that has been rigorously tried and tested by over 250,000 customers, and we have managed to cater so well for their diverse needs that we now have a near-impeccable reputation for excellence within our industry.

Please, trust us, and we will work around the clock to deliver you outstanding merchandise at outstanding prices. Get in touch with us now and find out for yourself why we are undoubtedly Australia’s number one choice for office furniture.

A Huge Range of Stacking & Folding Tables

250,000 customers have trusted us with their orders over the past 20 years, and in that time we have expanded our operations so that we now have warehouses and offices in Australia’s major cities, including Sydney, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra.

Having a vast network at our disposal means that we have the ability to give a little more to our customers. Free metro shipping applies on a wide range of goods, and reduced shipping fares apply for those beyond these busy hubs. What’s more, with click and collect possibilities also in place, this gives you, our valued customer, choice in terms of how you want to spend your time and money.

At Buy Direct Online, we offer a wide variety of colours and styles so that you can choose the kind of folding desk that matches the décor of your space. For those that are DIY-minded, all of our products come flat-packed, but if you are not inclined this way, rest assured that we will assemble them for you, for an additional fee.

So, shop with confidence and if you believe you could do better elsewhere let us know. Our price beat guarantee means that we will do more for you here at Buy Direct Online than anywhere else.