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Desk Screens for Sale Online in Australia

If you want to create some privacy and separate your workstations without losing space or creating a ‘cubicle’ feel, then the desk screen is a great option for you. They fit onto the desk and are available in many styles and colours, so they can fit any scheme you have.

Create privacy for your staff with desk screens

At Buy Direct Online we pride ourselves on having the largest range of in stock office furniture available for super-fast delivery. We have been selling furniture for over 25 years all over Australia, and we are proud to be Australian-owned and run – we are all about supporting Australia, whether that is by sourcing the best value desks and chairs, or donating money to support drought-stricken farmers. Whatever office equipment you need, we can get it for you. Check out our extensive product pages online, and if we don’t have what you are looking for, then speak to us and we can source it for you.

What are the benefits of a desk screen?

If you work in a bustling office environment, such as a call centre or sales floor, it can be busy and distracting. Making phone calls in a noisy office can be difficult, and it can sound chaotic and unprofessional to customers on the other end of the phone. To solve this problem, you can use desk screens. A desk screen can give you additional privacy, separate workstations, reduce noise and lower distractions. They are an excellent way to make sure that staff can focus on their own tasks but are still able to communicate clearly with their team as necessary. They can be personalised – some of our desk screens are created with ‘pin-able’ surfaces so they can be used to display important information or even family photos! Other screens we have can be frosted glass for that upmarket executive look.

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Desk mounted office screens can be a budget alternative to full-length screens when privacy is required. You can choose colour, style and finish or ready made if needed urgently. Perfect for workstations, call centres or roles where communication over the telephone is key. Desk mounted screens can also facilitate a reduction in noise levels whilst still enabling your colleagues are able to communicate with one another clearly. This range of office screens are also a great way of separating existing office desks, you can customise with different lengths, sizes and heights which can all be purchased to suit. You can help increase efficiency and give your workers privacy to get their work done with our extensive range of desk mounted office partitions. We’ve helped offices all across Australia with finding suitable office screens that match their needs. They’re a fantastic way to lower distractions in the office and increase productivity in your workforce. If you need a bespoke order or assistance with fitting your screens, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and one of our office furniture experts can help you with your order right away.

How else can I improve productivity in my office?

Desk screens aren’t the only way to reduce distractions and improve productivity in the office. Desk organisers help keep workstations clear and tidy, making sure that all necessary information is to hand. Why not investigate ergonomic desk options to reduce health issues in your staff – less days off sick means overall increased productivity – which is a bonus! Making your office more aesthetically pleasing has been shown to increase happiness in staff, so why not consider redecoration, or adding some synthetic plants to the space? We have a wide range of plants and planters, as well as seating for ‘break out’ areas that can improve the happiness of the office. If you really want to impress your staff and improve your office space, then you need to see the Motion Office. Comprising of a series of modular furniture and equipment, the Motion Office can help you create a bespoke office space that takes the ‘open plan’ office to new levels. If you would like to discuss new ways to improve productivity in your office, we would be happy to discuss some options with you. Just give one of our friendly advisors a call and let us see what we can offer.