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Why Buy Stand Up Desks from BuyDirectOnline.com.au?

With our ergonomic adjustable stand up office desks, you can easily break out of sedentary working habits and go from sitting to standing, whenever you want! Spend less of your day sitting and you will benefit from better health, improved comfort and enhanced productivity.

Invest in A Standing Desk to Improve Your Health And Focus

It can be a big adjustment to your normal working day, after all, who hasn’t grown used to planting themselves in their desk chair with a cup of coffee at the start of the workday and tackling their job sitting down. There is an undeniable level of comfort that comes with working at a standard desk, particularly if you have to face a difficult task, meeting or client. Being able to ease back into a chair can give you a small degree of emotional support that helps to see the rest of the day out in trying times. With that said, there are many benefits to using a stand up desk that the majority of desk workers are unaware of and are not inclined to investigate for themselves.

First of all, research has suggested that standing up is more conducive to creative problem solving which could lead to more efficient ideas to tackling tough work problems. Furthermore, working while standing has been shown to increase focus keeping employees fixated on specific tasks for longer. While standing up all day long may not initially seem to be comfortable, many workers who tried standing at a raised desk for a week found that there was very little difference in their level of comfort. With all of this in mind, standing desks offer significantly more advantages when compared with standard seated desks, but there is a much stronger reason regular desk users should give standing desks a try.

The Trouble with Sitting Down for Long Periods Of Time

The human body is not designed to endure long periods of sitting down. While today all of us benefit from the advantages of a neocortex which enables us to work together, plan for the future and organise global communities, our physical bodies have not evolved a great deal from our genetic ancestors. Hunter-gatherers spent all of their daylight hours searching for food, foraging and hunting constantly. This left them in a perpetual state of motion which exercised their entire muscle system keeping them in peak condition. It is useful to compare early homo sapiens with large animals who hunt in the wild today. We each have thirty-three vertebrae in our spinal columns and three major muscles in our backs which were all designed to help us move efficiently on two feet for the majority of the day. In the modern world, this level of daily activity is dramatically curtailed by the need to work jobs in various industries that have far fewer physical demands than those our ancestors faced every day. Most of us will spend a large portion of our downtime seated behind the wheel of a car, sitting on the sofa watching TV or seated at a table during meal times. All of this sedentary sitting puts pressure on the spine to support us in a way for which it wasn’t designed. It’s no wonder then that our modern way of living results in so much back pain and injury; we’re effectively using our bodies incorrectly.

Standing Desks Support A Better Whole Body Posture While At Work

The healthy and motivated among us will go to great lengths to exercise by going to the gym, going for runs, swimming or working out at home. This is a great way to give the human body the daily activity it has been missing for millennia. Yoga and Pilates are also great ways to counteract the bad cultural habits that we have all fallen into by exercising and stretching muscles and joints that we might otherwise take for granted. However, there is a fantastic way to support your body passively that doesn’t involve high degrees of physical exertion, standing. By simply standing up straight you enable your skeletal structure to do its job properly and support your full body weight. You also relax pressure on your circulatory system which is better able to deliver blood throughout your organs and limbs when you’re in a standing position. While standing doesn’t seem like the best use of your time, when coupled with your eight-hour workday it becomes a winning combination. Executives, creatives, clerical workers, call centre workers and many others have all started to embrace the benefits of working while standing by using a standing desk. This simple adjustment to long-held working norms has seen a huge reduction in the number of cases of backache and back muscle problems in the workplace. The health benefits are evident as by standing on two feet workers engage their leg muscles rather than relax them, using more calories, burning more fat and creating more muscle mass.

Enjoy better health and improve productivity with our ergonomic and adjustable stand up desks.

At Buy Direct Online, we take great pride in supplying durable, smart and high quality furniture at budget-friendly wholesale prices. If you can’t quite find the perfect stand up desks that you need, just talk to us to arrange a custom solution – too easy!

Australia’s #1 destination for affordable standing desks.

With delivery to Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Australia-wide, you can enjoy fantastic quality at cheap wholesale prices with our stand up desks. Choose from our huge range of styles and sizes for your standing desk solution today!

The Perfect Standing Desk for A Remote Work from Home Office

If you have started to notice stiffness in your back from working at a desk all day long then the first thing you should do is take regular breaks by standing up, walking a short distance and even doing some light stretches to exercise your back. Make sure that your desk chair height is adjusted so that your legs and forearms rest in parallel with the ground and desk, and also ensure that your keyboard, mouse and phone are within easy reaching distance. It is always advised that you seek a doctor’s opinion if you are suffering from prolonged pain, and you should never suffer in silence. If you feel that your old desk setup is causing you more trouble than it is worth, then we urge you to consider a stand up desk.

At Buy Direct Online, we stock a comprehensive range of office furniture products at affordable prices. We have everything from electronically self-adjusting desks, to easy standing desk platforms for extra height on your current desk. You can browse our full range right here in our online catalogue and when you’re ready to order we can ship to you in a matter of mouse clicks. We are working tirelessly to deliver throughout Australia through these difficult times and promise to do our utmost to keep you updated on all deliveries in real-time. If you are looking to create your very own remote office space at home, then you can find your ideal standing desk at Buy Direct Online.