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Gas Lift Height Adjustable Office Desks At BuyDirectOnline.com.au

Looking for a height-adjustable gas lift desk? Look no further than the selection of gas lift office desks available at BuyDirectOnline.com.au! Our gas lift desks are easy to adjust, making them perfect for any workspace. Whether you’re looking for a home office desk or a desk for your business, we have the perfect option for you!

The gas lift on your office chair – These office desks work in the exact same manner! Height adjustable office desks have been around for a little while now and research shows that the benefits of these types of desks outweigh a standard office desk of almost ten to one!

Enabling your staff to stand while they work or simply choose a height that they are comfortable working at can improve productivity immensely. Not only that, the long-term health benefits of intermittent standing while at work have proven to help reduce obesity and heart disease later on in life.

Empower your workforce today by arming them with a gas lift height-adjustable sit-stand desk. Unlike the electric variants, these types of desks have no additional maintenance costs involved.

Why Consider A Gas Lift Height Adjustable Office Desk?

If you are setting up a new office or simply looking to give your staff an upgrade, gas lift height-adjustable desks may be the perfect answer. With just the simple twist of a handle, they can move their desk from sitting height up to standing height and back again with ease.

The gas lift mechanism means there are no cables involved, unlike an electric sit-stand desk. This means there is no risk of cables becoming tangled or damaged, and that the desk can be easily moved around if needed.

Height-adjustable gas lift office desks are a great way to improve your staff’s comfort and productivity in the workplace. With a gas lift height-adjustable desk, they can choose to sit or stand as they work, and have complete flexibility.

What Are The Key Benefits Of A Gas Lift Desk?

As well as being able to change their posture throughout the day, gas lift height-adjustable desks have many other benefits.

They can also help with better blood circulation and improved energy levels thanks to less sedentary time.
Staff will be more comfortable, which leads to increased productivity and a reduction in sick days.
Gas lift height adjustable desks are more affordable than electric desks as they are easier to manufacture, and the gas lift mechanism is simpler.
The gas lift mechanisms raise and lower at a slower speed than electric ones, but this doesn’t mean that staff will have to wait longer for their desks to adjust. The gas lift height-adjustable desk still moves fast enough so there’s no difference in time.

Why Order A Gas Lift Office Desk From BuyDirectOnline?

BuyDirectOnline are not just specialists in office furniture, they are experts when it comes to office ergonomics. When you order a gas lift desk from us we’ll help you get the most out of your new gas lift desk, so you can be sure that it’s going to provide you with improved health and productivity in the workplace.

The gas lift desks we supply are high-quality and come in various sizes and finishes. If you have any queries about this range or want to order in bulk, give one of our furniture experts a call on 1300 313 495 and they can help you out right away!